The Lethal Lottery Match is a 12-participant match which was created by J. Hector Banks, the CEO of Underground Pro, a promotion based in the North Eastern United States.


The new Lethal Lottery Match is compromised of 12 men. The night of the match, the 12 men will each draw numbers from a bingo machine placed in the general manager's office. Whichever number they draw, whether it be 1 or 12, this will be their entry number.

The match starts with the wrestlers who drew numbers 1 and 2 entering the ring. They'll wrestle until one of them either taps out or is pinned for a count of 3. After one is eliminated, the entrant who drew number 3 will enter, and will wrestle the wrestler who was not pinned or tapped out. This process will continue until 11 entrants have been eliminated and the remaining man is the victor.

Traditionally, the Lethal Lottery was a match which was meant to signal the end for the UGP Underground Champion Mr. Damnation. 12 wrestlers were picked to face Mr. Damnation (it was a 13 man match), who had entered the ring first.

Rewards for winning

The only reward for winning the Lethal Lottery, so far, has been winning the Underground Championship. However, it is quite possible that any other title be contested in a variation of the match, or number one contendership for a title.

Match history

So far, there has only been one Lethal Lottery Match, which the winner was Dr. Phate. He won under controversial circumstances, when he interfered while Mr. Damnation and the number 11 entrant, Jack Vengeance, were wrestling. He smashed Vengeance with a kendo stick, allowing for an easy victory for Damnation, and then entered as the number 12 entrant and finished Mr. Damnation off.

The second took place on April 29th, 2007. The winner, and the new Underground Champion, was Steve Palmieri, who won after his manager, Scarlett, delivered a low blow to Jack Vengeance, before Steve rolled him up and used the ropes. Jack Vengeance entered at number 2, and had been in the ring for the entire match.

No. Winner Defeated
1 Dr. Phate Mr. Damnation
2 Steve Palmieri Jack Vengeance

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