Letravis Gorman
Real name Letravis Keith Gorman
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Height 5'7
Weight 225 lbs.
Date of birth April 3, 1968
Place of birth
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Billed from Boise, ID
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Debut 2007
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Letravis Gorman (born Letravis Keith Gorman on April 3, 1968) is an American professional wrestling fan and wrestler currently working for the WNWA.


Gorman, who was born with Down Syndrome, was abandoned as a child. He was placed in several foster homes but was a disciplinary problem and ended up in a special needs home for severely disabled adults. Gorman began attending WNWA events after watching an episode of WNWA Wrestling at his special needs home. He became so aroused that he attacked several other residents and the orderlies on duty. Gorman becomes so powerful during these fits that he is virtually unstoppable. He has developed an intense hatred for Dusty Jones because WNWA president J.R. Ewing has given Jones free tickets to all WNWA events and a job making public appearances with wrestlers at autograph sessions and other public relations events. Gorman feels he should be given the same treatment however Ewing called him an "Apish, sexual retard" and told him to get out of his sight. Gorman now wrestles with his friend David Downs in a tag team known as the GOP and they are backed by Frustrated Inc. The Liberal Librarian has forced his man-servant Tony Fanuci to act as the caretaker for the GOP.

Personal Life and views

  • Gorman lives with his friend David Downs in a special needs facility.



  • Finishing and signature moves
  • Syndrome Sleeper
  • Gut Punch
  • Regular moves
  • Seizures
  • Tard toss (throws feces)

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