Alexander Krycek Luther
[[Image:[IMG][/IMG]|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Alexander Krycek Luther]]
Real name {{{realname}}}
Ring Names Lex Luther
Height 511
Weight 240 ibs
Date of birth 5-11-1986
Place of birth Blackburn, England
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Resides Tampa, Florida
Billed from Blackburn, England
Trainer Mark Storey, Bullet, Azzer
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Debut January 2006
Retired {{{retired}}}

Alexander Luther (born November 5, 1986), is a professional wrestler from England. He is was formerly employed by Real International Wrestling and was there TV Champion up until at the time he left them, he is now working for Brutal Impact Wrestling.

Lex has always said he was an outcast to the world a man who lived by what he created himself, this gimmick has gained him a big fan base but he was never put in a program for a World Title or a main feud.

:RIW Debut:

01-02-2006 Lex made his debut into the training ground with a small video package, the promo was set in a graveyard. Lex claimed that the Wrestling world would change with him coming into it and this was the first sign of a Vampire inside of him that would only go darker.

UWE Infinite Title

The first real belt Lex ever held was when he took out The Phenom backstage to win there version of the hardcore title, the reign was short lived Lex lost the belt to Azzer in the same night.

Back in RIW

Lex's first match was agaisn't Cub and Kenyo, some say this was the best match of the T.G in RIW all three men hold this match high. Lex became good friends with Cub during this time, but in the course of the match Kenyo nailed Lex with a karate like kick that would leave a scar on his right eye a scar that remains to this day, Kenyo and Lex still hate each other for this. Yasham left RIW to go back to Japan on a recent trip in January 2007 both were said to bump into each other and challenge each other to a match so far a match has yet to be set up.

A former manager of Lex made her return to RIW, both hit it back off but Lex vented out his anger on her. For months Lex expected her to be dead but she had returned, both had a brief love relationship. Around this Lex took a dislike to Darc who was the golden child in RIW, Lex had gained a lot and felt that his push was about to happen but Darc who was green at the time gained victory in the promotion battle royal. Lex vented his anger at this to everyone who knew him, Darc and Sean Shaddix were told that they could stick RIW were they knew were.

Lex didn't leave instead he got into another feud with Angel over something or other, Lex then became the first TV Champion until he vacated the belt due to his promotion to TNT.

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