The Liberal Librarian's Wrestling Circus was a party/wrestling event held on June 1, 2007 at the Braddock County Public Library to celebrate his winning of the UN/ACLU International Human Rights and World Peace Heavyweight Wrestling Championship. The Lib compared this party to a fusion of Truman Capote's Black and White Ball, The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus, and the WWF Slammy Awards.

Television Coverage

Two hours of this invitation only party and wrestling event was covered on OIL TV. Most of the televised portion of the event focused on circus acts by WNWA talent, clowns, little people, circus animals, alcohol and drug abuse and four wrestling matches.


  • UN/ACLU International Human Rights and World Peace Heavyweight Wrestling Championship

The Liberal Librarian def. Shamookey Sanders following a vicious Late Term Abortion. The Lib then regurgitated his patented mixed drink, the Mud Monkey onto a prone Shamookey.

The Lummox (C) defeated Delbert Johnson and Cletus Vaughan following the Lummox Slam to retain the World Tag Team Title.



The Lib was shown accepting a package from a very large, muscular woman with a unibrow. The boxes were marked Depo-Testosterone and Omnidren- two types of anabolic steroids. When confronted with this by Ed Donaldson, who noted The Lib has gained considerable muscle mass in recent months, The Lib flew into a rage and had Donaldson removed. He then explained that since the death of his former hero, Thunderlips, he has taken up the mantle of saying his prayers and taking his vitamins- all natural vitamins. The Lib then announced that he would be introducing his own brand of all natural herbal supplements called Libotine in the next few weeks.

"Richard Nixon" got considerably drunk and began putting on different hats and going up to people and saying "I don't remember who you are..." He finally began ringing a bell in the garden area of the library and then collapsed into the flower bed before vomiting all over himself.

The waiter for this event, Tony Fanuci, ended up getting vomited on by The Lib while he was using the restroom.

Several other controversial acts were not shown- these related to pornographic films by WJJ Productions and some bizarre sexual rituals and acts by many of the attendees. There was also a goat sacrifice held at some point during the event, though it is not known who participated in said sacrifice.


Bobby Bell had one too many "Mud-Monkeys." This picture was taken in the main entrace way of BCPL.


Billy Bell asks for another 'Mud-Monkey.'


Hampton receives a mud-monkey shower when fATAS had one mud-monkey keg too many.


Judge Jennings celebrates at the Wrestling Circus.


Delbert Johnson and Cletus Vaughan celebrate. Neither were able to keep down the homemade mixture of Eustus Fraley. Fraley calls this special mix "Kerosene".


Piss Pants Milligan regurgitates a special Pale Mud Monkey handed to him by Metro.


Rowdy Brown passed out in the Children's Room of Braddock Library. He apparently drank too many 'Mud-Monkeys'


While in the Children's Room, Poor Mike Skills makes a pass at the Guardian.

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