Alex Dunn
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Height 6’5
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Debut 2007
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Lictor is a wrestler at Full Metal Wrestling


Alex first ammerged in NEW under the ring name of 'Lictor' at the secret prompting of his brother, Matt Dunn. As Lictor, Alex went on to some degree of success squashing the lower end of the NEW card, gaining his first real lose against the Celt. Eventually he teamed up with Cactus Sam, (his older brothers rival) and St. Michael Dreamkiller.

For an unknown reason at the time, Lictor disappeared, costing Cactus Sam a tag match.

Alex returned shortly later under his own name. His brother would go on to say how Alex did not belong in the ring at all, and that he was a failure of a comedian. Despite this, Alex continued to wrestle, as had been Matt's plan all along.

Alex was booked in the higher end of the card to when he had originally wrestled as Lictor, facing Cactus Sam and Steve Zanoni and ultimately losing to both.

Come Ultimatum, where Matt began to execute his plan of tormenting his former partner, Nick Rijkaard by slowly becoming Mortus, Alex also revealed that he had been Lictor all along.

As Lictor, he wrestled on Team Striker in the finals of the King of NEW tournement but was eliminated by Zanoni after being struck by Slegna by a set of brass knuckles.

He was draft number three to Anxiety in the Underground Rookie Draft, ultimately losing that match as well as a result of PX (Anarchy's pick) hitting him several times with a chair, which let VanGuard (Alchemy's pick) score a pin on PX.

As either Alex Dunn or Lictor, he is completely devoted to his brothers cause. Though in most cases he may not agree or understand, he will execute what his brother tells him to do.

Move Set

Primary Finisher

Requiem – Chokeslam into backbreaker.

Secondary Finisher

He Who Thirst – Crippler Crossface with Half Nelson variation.


During Alex's first stint as Lictor, he used a moveset which was fairly exclusive to the typical 'Monster Heel' a seen below.

  • Big boot
  • Uppercut
  • Clothesline from hell
  • Kidney punches
  • Headbutt
  • Choke
  • Powerbomb
  • Chokeslam
  • Military press
  • Backbreaker
  • Sidewalk slam
  • Headlock
  • Sleeper
  • Triangle choke
  • Flying clothesline
  • Choke with boot
  • Mounted punches
  • Super chokeslam
  • Super reverse DDT

However, during his Face time as Alex Dunn he wrestled a lot more technically, utilising more suplexes and submission variants in his matches. Now Alex has become Lictor again, he has re-introduced his old 'Monster' moves while utilising his technical abilities.

Alex's moveset is the same as above, but with the addition of the moves seen below.

  • Chops.
  • Super kick.
  • Straight punches.
  • Eye gouge.
  • Low blow.
  • Clothesline.
  • Spear.
  • Headlock.
  • Hammerlock.
  • Fullnelson.
  • Dragon Suplex.
  • German Suplex.
  • Scoop Slam.
  • Snakeseyes.
  • Backbreaker.
  • Superplex.
  • Tree of Woe.
  • Sharpshooter.
  • Leg Drop.

General Information

Theme Song

Beast and the Harlot - Avenged Sevenfold.


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