Life's Just Peachy, With Katie Peachy
Katie peachy in office
Show Name Life's Just Peachy, With Katie Peachy
Creator J.R. Ewing
Network OIL TV
Format Wrestling/Variety Show
Opening Theme Stupid Girls by Pink
Country of origin United States of America
Running Time 30 minutes per episode
Starring Katie Peachy
First Aired May 1, 2007
Last Aired Present
Original Run May 1, 2007 – Present
No. of episodes unlimited

OIL TV owner J.R. Ewing was so impressed with Katie Peachy's appearances on WNWA: Library Losers, that he offered her her own daily talk show. Unfortunately, she doesn't have a lot to say, so her portion of the show runs for 5 minutes each evening at 10:55, just prior to the Dallas Cowboys Football Evening Update. The show actually comes on at 10:30 and features two wrestling matches taped at WNWA house shows or at special events at Braddock County Public Library.

Peachy performs wearing a variety of glamorous and/or skimpy outfits, and offers insights she has gleaned during the day. This show is one of the highest-rated programs on OIL TV, other than the wrestling matches themselves.

Every Friday, Peachy witnesses for Jesus from poolside while wearing a bikini. Many a male fan has been overheard on Fridays to say "Thank God for Katie Peachy."

After some complaints by network exceutives, Life is Peachy has been expanded to include at least two taped matches from WNWA house shows during each episode. Occasionally, the show will feature live wrestling bouts.

Episode Highlights

Special Expanded Episode: The Baptism of Hampton

Katie peachy white robe
  • Katie Peachy arrived at Leftwich's house early as usual, so that she could prepare for her show, which would feature the baptism of her boyfriend, Hampton, by the Rev. Dr. Curtis Lowe. Katie went into the cabana that Leftwich had set up as a dressing room for her, and changed into a white robe since she would be going into the water as Hampton’s sponsor. As usual, Leon Sky was hiding in the bushes and peeking in the window of the cabana, but nobody noticed him. Leftwich filmed Katie emerging from the cabana, and almost fell into the pool at the sight of her.
Curtis at beckwith pool
  • Curtis Lowe arrived, wearing his ministerial robes, and proceeded to loudly bless the water in the baptismal pool - at length.

Lowe had arranged for some friends to quietly rob Leftwich while all the preaching and filming was going on out back at the pool. Eugene Washington posed as a yard man, and kept watch by the mailbox while Antonio Davis and Tyrone Jefferson went in through Leftwich’s open garage door.

Beckwith breakin
Hampton and bob robe
  • Katie had told Hampton to wear a white robe to be baptized in, but Hampton was not a robe-owning kind of guy. He told his neighbor Triple K that Rev. Lowe was going to baptize him, and Triple K said he had a robe that many members of his family had worn. He said Hampton could borrow the robe for this important occasion. Hampton got dressed and was impressed with his fancy robe. His buddy Bob-Oh Wheir came along, wanting to be on TV and see if Katie had a friend she could set him up with. When Hampton and Bob-Oh arrived at Leftwich’s place he kissed Katie and greeted Lowe, yelling “Yo Rev!”
Redneck truck
  • Meanwhile, Triple K had called his buddies to come watch all the fun. Dale Taylor, Eustus Fraley, and Captain Redneck had been drinking all day to celebrate their release from the Braddock County Prison Farm, and they were in the mood for a party. Redneck was particularly pleased that his ex-wife’s Boy Wonder was in for a beatdown on national TV. They all piled into Triple K’s truck and headed over to Leftwich’s place, menacing Braddock motorists all the way.

Pool fight 2

All hell broke loose at Leftwich's pool. Lowe dove for Hampton and the two crashed into the pool, each trying to drown the other. Hampton quickly got the upper hand due to Lowe’s inability to swim. Leftwich became alarmed at the possibility of Lowe actually dying on his property. Leftwich attempted to drag Lowe out of the water, but Hampton and Bob-Oh both started beating on him.

Leftwich’s security alarm finally went off when Tyrone Jefferson broke into the wall safe. As the sirens blared, Jefferson, Washington, and Da Crunk ran off, each carrying as much loot as possible. Police sirens wailed as Sheriff Washburn and his men were summoned by Leftwich's alarm.

In the midst of the uproar, Leon Sky quietly kidnapped Katie Peachy.

Captain Redneck and his buddies got there just seconds before Washburn arrived, disappointed that they didn't have a chance to join in the fight. Redneck told the Sheriff that they had seen some black guys run around to the back of the house, along with a guy in a KKK suit. Lowe was subsequently dragged from the water and arrested. The sheriff found Da Crunk two blocks away trying to carry a plasma TV and arrested him too. Hampton was put on probation and released to go home.

Leftwich’s house was trashed – inside and out.

No one noticed Katie Peachy was missing.

Two live matches: Retro def. The Guardian after the Want Some Candy? followed by the Pedopile and Captain Redneck def. Lord Shaftsbury by DQ after interference by Sir Neville Chamberlain.

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