The Linden wrestling family (also known simply as The Lindens) is an American family based out of Chicago, Illinois whose most well-known members are Eric, Bradley and Chris.

In wrestling

Championships and accomplishments

  • Gamewinners Wrestling Federation
    • GWF Hardcore Championship (5 times, Eric)
    • GWF Triple Crown Championship (1 time, Eric)
  • Xtreme Gamewinners Wrestling
    • XGW Television Championship (1 time, Bradley)
  • Universal Wrestling Federation
    • UWF Tag Team Championship (1 time, Eric/Bradley)
    • UWF Juniorweight Championship (1 time, Chris)
  • Hybrid Championship Wrestling
    • HCW Tag Team Championship (1 time, Eric/Bradley)
  • World Hardcore Wrestling
  • Pro Wrestling Warriors
    • PWW World Tag Team Championship (1 time/final, Eric/Bradley)
  • Elite Wrestling Xperience
    • EWX World Tag Team Championship (First/only, Eric/Bradley)
PWW (defunct)
Final roster
Tag teams/Stables
The Awakening | Bulls & Bears | The Eh Team | God's Finest Grapplers
Hollywood G'z | The Lindens | R2 | Stoned Cold
"Slick" Rick Avalio | Todd Duvet | Jimbo the Janitor | Monica Lockheart
"Sloppy" Joe Rother | Scott the Scoop | Carl Tuckerson

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