Lindsay Loveless
Real name Lindsay James
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Height 5'0”
Weight 105lbs
Date of birth 15 July 1987 (22)
Place of birth Cincinnati, Ohio
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Resides Los Angeles, California
Billed from Every Man's Fantasy
Trainer Patrick McCarthy
Ultimate Championship Wrestling.
Handled by Vinny M
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Debut June 2008
Retired {{{retired}}}

Lindsay Loveless, (born Lindsay James 15th July, 1987) is an American professional wrestling valet. She is known for her managerial work with Patrick McCarthy as he is the only wrestler she has worked for. McCarthy is also Loveless' trainer.


A Chance Encounter

On a now widely popular vignette filmed for Ultimate Championship Wrestling., Patrick McCarthy was approached by a young female who introduced herself as Lindsay Loveless. Loveless stated that she had been hired by the UCW to act as a valet to the popular McCarthy. The speculation is that Loveless was placed with McCarthy as punishment for his on-air antics and his 'shoot' interviews about the company and wrestlers within it. Loveless was untrained at the time, and is currently in the process of being trained by McCarthy. It is speculated that Loveless is either friends with, or related to, Annie Alvarez, the UCW CEO and that is how she acquired the job.

Loveless stated in the vignette that the UCW believed McCarthy wasn't popular enough (an obvious dig, as McCarthy is the company's top babyface, but somewhat disliked by his peers) and said that she was hired as "sex appeal" to help boost his popularity.

A Dangerous Encounter

On the June 30th 2008 edition of Monday Night Mind Games, Lindsay Loveless failed to appear at ring side for one of Patrick McCarthy's match. Damion Darkside and Doctor Ian were also booked in the match. Darkside also failed to appear for the match, but appeared on the JumboTron before the match commenced. Darkside had kidnapped Loveless. This drew McCarthy out of the ring, causing him to forfeit the match to Doctor Ian. Loveless did not appear on Mind Games or at pay per view, but only in Darkside's promos and vignettes until the August 11th edition of Mind Games where she was dragged to ring, bound and gagged, after Patrick McCarthy had been drugged by Darkside.

Some believe the reason behind the kidnapping angle was to allow Loveless to receive proper wrestling training.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing Moves
  • None
  • Signature Moves
  • None
  • General Attack Moves
  • None as yet
  • Submission Moves
  • None as of yet
  • High Risk Moves
  • None as of yet
  • Wrestlers Managed
  • Entrance Music
  • "Cosmonaut" by At The Drive-In (w/Patrick McCarthy)

Championships and Honours

  • None

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