Lion's Road Pro-Wrestling (often referred to as simply Lion's Road or LR) is an American professional wrestling promotion owned by Pollo Bucket.


Lion's Road is a role play based microfed meaning that role plays in LR are not to exceed 500 words. There is a 2 RP limit in place for television events (2 for singles, 1 per participant in tag matches) and a 3 RP limit in place for special events (3 for singles, 2 RPs per participant in tag matches).

LR operates on a tour schedule that sees three to six weeks of television used to build up to a special event. Television events typically have two or three feature matches (RP based) while offering two or three showcase matches (squashes vs. NPCs). Special events are entirely RP based.

Perhaps LR's best selling point is the fact that you decide when you want to be booked! You must sign up for at least one feature bout per tour to remain on the active roster but can sign up for as many as you like.

Championships and accomplishments

Current championships

Championship Current champion(s) Date Location
KOL Championship Robb Daniels 6/9/2016 Los Angeles, CA
Heritage Championship Jon Davenport 6/9/2016 Los Angeles, CA
KOL Tag Team Championship Vacant n/a n/a

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