The EWF United states title is the secondary championship of EWF Afterburn

Name Times Date Notes:
The Macdaddy 1 February 25, 2007 Defeated Chris Upton in a cage match
Chris Upton 2 March 4 2007 Defeated Macdaddy in a casket match
Sabre 1 March 11 2007 Defeated Chris Upton and Rick stevens in a triple threat match
Seraphim 1 May 5, 2007 Won title in a 3 fall 6 man match where the first fall won the United states championship, the 2nd winning the Assassin championship and he 3rd won the EWF World championship. Won the title by scoring the 1st pinfall
Sabre 2 May 20, 2007 Defeated Seraphim
Greg Smith 1 May 27, 2007 Defeated Sabre, Seraphim, amethyst, Lobo, Havoc the Diable in 6 man hell in a cell
Vacated June 25, 2007 Vacated after Greg was released
Greg Smith 2 June 27, 2007 Awarded title when Greg was re-hired


Achievement Wrestler Record Notes:
Longest Reign Greg Smith 1 Year Current champion
Shortest Reign Chris Upton, MacDaddy, Seraphim 1 weeks N/A
Oldest Champion Seraphim 26 Years old N/A
Youngest Champion The Macdaddy 17 Years old Second ever Champion

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