MFGG World Heavyweight Championship

MFGG World Heavyweight Championship belt

The MFGG World Heavyweight Championship was a world title in MFGG Wrestling from July 20 to October 15, 2006. It is one of the two titles which form the Undisputed World Championship (the other being the XD Championship).


This is a list of individuals who have held the MFGG World Heavyweight Championship.

Wrestler: Reigns: Date: Event: Notes:
Someguy 1 July 20, 2006 MFGG Daily Damage #3 Defeats Press Start in a tournament final to become the first champion.
Press Start 1 July 28, 2006 MFGG Daily Damage #8
Milkbone 1 August 13, 2006 MFGG vs XD Civil War
Über n00ber 1 August 27, 2006 MFGG Riot Control
Littlink 1 September 3, 2006 MFGG End of Days
Dark Yoshi 1 September 3, 2006 MFGG End of Days Dark Yoshi returns to MFGG Wrestling unannounced and cashes in his Money in the Bank title shot immediately after Littlink wins the title from n00ber.
SuperZero 1 September 6, 2006 MFGG Daily Damage #44 SuperZero wins a Three Stages of Hell Match 2-0 (the first fall was Chaos in the Cages; the second was a Triple Cage Match).
Littlink 2 September 24, 2006 MFGG Vendetta Littlink wins an Elimination Chamber Match that also features SuperZero, Captain Jeff Silvers, Press Start, Über n00ber, and Julio Cesar F.
Zasshou 1 October 1, 2006 MFGG Critical Condition On October 15, 2006, at MFGG Three-Month Mayhem, Zasshou defeats XD Champion The Blue Griffin to unify the two titles and become the first Undisputed World Champion. As such, the MFGG World Heavyweight Championship was effectively retired, with Zasshou as the final champion.

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