The following is the list of shows Society of Sim Wrestling has hosted since its opening in May 2005.

2005 SOS shows

Society of Sim, 5/14/05

SOS Proving Grounds #2, 5/28/05

SOS Proving Grounds #3, 6/13/05

SOS Proving Grounds #4, 6/29/05

SOS Proving Grounds #5, 7/14/05

SOS Proving Grounds #6, 7/31/05

SOS Proving Grounds #7, 8/11/05

SOS Proving Grounds #8, 8/30/05

SOS Proving Grounds #9, 9/17/05

SOS Proving Grounds #10, 10/4/05

SOS Proving Grounds #11 (Cancelled)

SOS: Save Our Souls 2005 (Cancelled)

2006 SOS shows

SOS: Rebirth, 1/14/06

SOS: Back in Business, 1/26/06

SOS: No Help Needed, 2/10/06

SOS: Twisted!, 2/26/06

SOS: One Last Match, 3/14/06

SOS: International Invitational, 4/1/06

SOS: Pure Hatred, 4/25/06

SOS: 8-Man Madness (afternoon showcase card), 5/21/06

SOS: One Year Anniversary, 6/10/06

SOS: Blood Boils, 6/29/06

SOS: Night of Triumph, 7/21/06

SOS: Zero vs. Buck, 8/16/06

SOS: High Society, 9/4/06

SOS: September Sho'down, 9/24/06

SOS: Birth of a Dynasty, 10/20/06

SOS: Way of the Samurai, 12/29/06

2007 SOS shows

SOS Invades Canada, 2/24/07

SOS: A New Era, Pt. 1, 3/20/07

SOS: Save Our Souls, 4/14/07

SOS: Contested Legacy, 4/26/07

SOS: A Commonwealth Revolution, 5/12/07

SOS: Two Year Anniversary, 6/11/07

SOS: A New Era, Finale, 7/7/07

SOS: Scaffold of Sim, 8/1/07

Yearly SOS events

These are yearly "big shows which feature the most stacked SOS cards, special events and feud climaxes.

SOS Anniversary Show: SOS's birthday event. This is one of the biggest SOS shows of the year.

Save Our Souls: Another huge SOS show. Build-up for this event begins several months in advance.

High Society: Features a Gauntlet 3-way, in which three wrestlers are legal at a time, and when one man is pinned or made submit, he is eliminated and another wrestler comes out to replace him. Once the match is down to the final three, the first falls wins the gauntlet and gets a guaranteed SOS World Title shot he can use at any time. The title shot never expires from time. This event also features several feud driven matches and highly anticipated title bouts.

Mayfield Cup: SOS's original 16-man, 3-Show World Title tournament from 2005 is set to return soon, now titled "Mayfield Cup", named after the original winner of the tournament, Derek "The Wolf" Mayfield.

SOS Markets

This is the list of the cities/towns and states/provinces SOS runs shows in (in order of SOS's first appearance in the market).

Manchester, New Hampshire

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Charlotte, North Carolina

Atlanta, Georgia

Detroit, Michigan

Chicago, Illinois

Tampa, Florida

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

St. Louis, Missouri

There are also plans for SOS to expand to the west coasts of both Canada and the United States. There is talk of an "SOS World Tour" to happen later this year or early next year, in which SOS will travel to Canada's west coast, as well as Mexico, England, New Zealand and Japan.

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2006-2007 SOS shows

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