XD Championship

XD Championship belt

The XD Championship was a world title in MFGG Wrestling from August 14 to October 15, 2006 (though it was officially sanctioned by X-Degeneration). It is one of the two titles which form the Undisputed World Championship (the other being the MFGG World Heavyweight Championship).


This is a list of individuals who have held the XD Championship.

Wrestler: Reigns: Date: Event: Notes:
Press Start 1 August 14, 2006 MFGG Daily Damage #24 Awarded by Captain Jeff Silvers after Start loses the MFGG World Heavyweight Championship to Milkbone at MFGG vs XD Civil War the night prior.
SuperZero 1 August 16, 2006 MFGG Daily Damage #26 SuperZero isn't a member of XD.
Press Start 2 August 20, 2006 MFGG Violent Tendencies
Dark Yoshi 1 September 10, 2006 MFGG Showdown Dark Yoshi wins an Elemental Cage Deathmatch against Press Start.
Icefire 1 September 24, 2006 MFGG Vendetta Icefire defeats Dark Yoshi in a Steel Cage Ladder Match.
The Blue Griffin 1 October 8, 2006 MFGG Disorderly Conduct The Blue Griffin is not a member of XD.
Zasshou 1 October 15, 2006 MFGG Three-Month Mayhem Zasshou is the MFGG World Heavyweight Champion when he defeats The Blue Griffin to unify the title and become the first Undisputed World Champion. As a result, the XD Championship is effectively retired, with Zasshou as the final champion.

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