Loco Roberto, also known as "Loco", began his eWrestling Career in the summer of 2002, when he joined the small "X-Treme Hardcore Championship Wrestling" fed.

{{Wrestler |name = Loco Roberto |image = |image_width = |realname = Robert K |ring_name(s) = Loco, Loko |height = 6 ft. |weight = 215 lbs. |born = |birth_place = Boston, Massachusetts |resides = |billed_from = Funky Town |trainer = Stevie Richards |current_efeds = Retired |previous_efeds = [[XHCW], XWF |handler = Robert K |debut = August 2002 |retired = |death_date = 2006 |death_place = The Boston Massachusetts Insane Asylum }}


The Loco Roberto character came from real life inspiration of handler Robert K, who had suffered traumatic memory loss due to a blow to the head. The character was that of a concussed asylum member who had escaped and continued to avoid asylum guards.


  • XWF
  • XWF World Heavyweight Championship (1-time)
  • XWF Internet Championship (3-times)
  • XWF Tag Team Championship (2-times, with Mantequilla.)
  • XWF X-Core Championship (1-time)
  • XHCW
  • XHCW North-American Championship (2-times)
  • XHCW Internet Championship (4-times)
  • XHCW Tag Team Championship (3-times, with Mantequilla.)

Wrestling facts

  • Finishing and signature moves
  • Loco Crusher [Tornado DDT]
  • Splash Mountain [450 Splash]
  • Brainbuster
  • Crazysault [Moonsault]
  • Scoop Slam driver [Juvi Driver]
  • Tombstone piledriver
  • Entrance themes
  • "Insane In The Brain" by Cypress Hill
  • Quotes
  • "We all go a little mad sometimes."

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