Mark Pizzorno(born 20 November 1981 in Glasgow, Scotland), better known by his ring name of Loki, is a member of the Pro Wrestling R4GE roster.

Personal History

Born in Glasgow, Scotland he was raised by his Mother and Father in the, tough, Easterhouse region of the city. He attended Lochend Community High School before taking up wrestling.

Starting off with backyard wrestling Mark grew an interest in high flying and technical wrestling style. In 2000 he enrolled in the Pro Wrestling Dungeon, ran by Hans Vicious. Vicious was a former Pro wrestler himself and had held the World title in his native Germany but had retired in 1995 after a short stint in an overly hardcore promotion. Under Hans' wing Mark first donned the Loki name.

Soon after Loki completed his tenure at PWD in 2002 Loki sporadically worked for many promotions never finding success. In 2004 he joined SWE where he won his first, and only to date, title the SWE Atlantic Championship.

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