Loki Fido (Then known as Arch Angel) wrote himself into the history books by becoming New Way Wrestling's first ever World Heavyweight Champion.

Having established himself as the number one superstar on TakeDown, Loki would shock the independent wrestling scene by suddenly deciding to quit wrestling at the top of his game and hang up his boots all together.

At first those close to NWW were worried Loki's sudden depature would hurt the company, along with owner Korner's sudden disappearance.

However, with a promosing batch of youngsters breaking through the ranks NWW was left in good hands, and even though at that time NWW hadn't really looked to the future with this phenominal young pool of talent coming to boil in mind, it would ultimately be 'the second wave' of NWW superstars who would take the show to new, nosebleed heights, bettering those even set by the likes of Loki.

However, although he may not have been with NWW all that long, his presence, along with the likes of SWIFT and Scotty Mac during the first wave of NWW superstars would help give the superstars who would follow them the perfect platform from which to show off their ability both in the ring and on the mic.

Following his retirement from NWW, Loki did make a handful of brief NWW appearances, first fighting Rage in a barbed wire rope match, then showing up briefly during Luke Marr's reign as TakeDown GM as part of an angle with his brother Steele.

When the NWW's backstage boards was invaded by a group of troublemakers, many of the wrestlers which included, Insomnia, Buzzsaw, Wayne Don, and M.D.K, Rage, and Wreckless accused Loki Fido of spamming the forums with inappropriate pictures. From this day, they still hold a grudge on him. However, internet fans believe that those group of wrestlers did not want Loki back in the NWW or RAGE.

This would explain why Loki Fido has never been seen in the NWW in a long time.

Loki has been known to be bitter about his demise. so to this day spouts rumours of backstage influence as to his demise. He even hounds them on Wikipedia, editing their pages to make them appear inferior to himself.

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