Lolita Hilton
Real name Lolita Jennifer Hilton
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Height 5’7"
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Date of birth May 7th 1984
Place of birth New York City, New York
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Sister of ECFW Divas Brianna Hilton and Misty Hilton. Aunt of Juliette Hilton


Lolita Jennifer Hilton was born on May 7th 1984 into a family of wealth and well to do who lived in a penthouse in New York City. She is the middle child of three Hilton girls.

Attended Sacred Heart Girls School, where she excelled in all her classes and graduated as an honer student. Lolita then went on to study fashion and design at NYU. After she graduated she took a job in the store of designer Chanel, while she was there she saved almost everything she received each month. After a few years Lolita left the store to work on her own designs and her parents supported her during this time.

She encouraged Brianna to study while working at the Strip club. After two years at the club Brianna returned home and asked Lolita to look after her daughter, Juliette Hilton. Juliette stayed with Lolita until she was seven, Lolita went back to work and Juliette moved in with her grandparents.

In early 2007 Lolita opened her own store where she sells her own designs and the store has been extremely successful

Fast Facts

She is the only Hilton sister to not train in wrestling, and has no desire to but does watch her sisters in action

Lolita misses looking after Juliette but understands that the best place for her is with her mother

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