Though Lone Wolf's career in New Way Wrestling was short lived, he is remembered for discovering Insomnia (Then known as 'Harpsichord') and convincing him to join NWW's ranks after meeting and sparring with the latter in a local gym.

In his short time with NWW he had a brief TV title stint before suffering a horrendus injury against ironically the man he'd discovered and help guide through the ranks of NWW; Insomnia.

The injury came during the infamous 'no holds barred, two out of three falls tables ladders and chairs bonanza' match between Lone Wolf, Insomnia (Harpsichord) and Danny Richards. Barely able to move via his own free will after taking a series of heavy shots from Insomnia, he was placed and sandwiched between a steel ladder, before Insomnia lept from the top rope, crushing Lone Wolf with a variation of his then scarcely known 'Raining Murder'.

From then on, Lone Wolf himself was only seen once, showing up to put his name down for the cruiserweight invitational match Aftershock was holding at that time.

Unfortunately, Lone Wolf had suffered a recurrence of the back injury that had seen him on the sidelines for almost a year just days prior, and sadly Lone Wolf was never seen again.

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