Lil Rey Ray(Lrey)
[[Image:|px|Image of Lil Rey Ray(Lrey)]]
Real name Leon Reynolds
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Height 5' 9"
Weight 189
Date of birth August 9, 1977
Place of birth Mobile, Alabama
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Santa Fe, New Mexico
Billed from Santa Fe, New Mexico
Trainer Hawkeye, Sledge, Short Mac Daddy
Gods and Heretics Wrestling
Extreme Wrestling Entertainment, Solid Core Wrestling, Kings of Wrestling, World Wrestling Entertainment Xtreme, World Wrestling Alliance, All Star Wrestling Federation, Championship Wrestling Entertainment, Heretics Wrestling Federation, Intercontinental Championship Wrestling, SWF
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Debut September 1996
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Lrey, (born: August 9, 1973), is currently signed to Gods and Heretics Wrestling Federation(GHW)He also an Assistant General Manager for the Revelation show which GHW puts on every Saturday. Lrey takes care of the Revelation/Genesis Ranking Portion, putting on a Sunday's Sickest Standings every Sunday for the shows. Lrey is one half of the Heaven and Hell Champions with fellow Forsaken Angel member Hawkeye. Lrey has also been the Heavyweight Champion of GHW, being the first person ever to hold the Charging Glory Championship. He held this title until it was snaked away by Skull in a Hell in a Cell match. Lrey has shown that at age 30, nothing has slowed him. With what few steps he has lost though, he has made up with the limitless experience he has gained over 12 years of wrestling. Lrey is also accredited for creating the most dangerous chain of matches, the Hardcore Games. And also one of the matches in this chain of death matches, the No Man's Land Death match.

Demon's Rise in the South

Before he was the Demonic Angel, he was Lil Rey Ray, and before he was Lil Rey Ray he was Lrey. The name Lrey came from the shortening of his name, Leon Reynolds. Everything but the L was dropped in Leon, and Rey was kept from Reynolds. Lrey was raised in Mobile, going to the schools there, only to be raised with a love for the art of skateboarding whilst young. Every other person who did so loved to grind rails, but Lrey got his thrills from the giant gaps and jumps he performed, the thrill almost irresistible to the young man.(Still being done)

In Wrestling

Finishing Moves

  • Death By Angels(Sit-out Double Underhook Facebuster)
  • Black Wing Driver (Dragonrana driver)

Signature Moves

  • Shooting Star Press
  • Corkscrew Sentonbomb
  • Corkscrew Splash
  • Moonsault
  • Enziguri

Championships and Accomplishments

  • GHW Charging Glory Champion 1x
  • GHW Silver Devil Champion1x, current (with Hawkeye)
  • KOW Intercontinental Champion 2x
  • KOW Middleweight Champion 3x
  • KOW Lightweight Champion 1x
  • KOW Tag Team Champion 1x (with trickshot)
  • SWF Tag Team Champion 1x (with Justin Michaels)
  • WWEX Heavyweight Champion 5x
  • WWEX Moderate Champion 3x
  • WWA Intercontinental Chapion 1x
  • WWA 24/7 SPWA Champion 1x
  • WWA Tag Team Champion 1x (with Pvt. Pyle)

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