Luke Brand was born in Tacoma, Washington, to a veterinarian father and schoolteacher mother. When he was three, his parents moved to the tiny rural town of Bayard, Ohio, to pursue their respective careers. His father purchased a small farm, and the family settled in.

Luke grew up happy on his family's small farm, but had a tendency towards trouble off of the farm. He began getting in fights at school, and usually winning them. From there, he graduated to starting and winning barroom brawls, and his friends soon encouraged young Luke to enter a local underground fighting tournament. Luke quickly became champion of the local underground fighting league, and set on underground fighting both as a career and a means of letting off steam. He continued to compete in the local rural fighting leagues, known informally as the "farm leagues", and it was here that he developed his unique shovel-based fighting style.

Underground fighting doesn't pay the bills, however, and Luke took a job in a local grocery store to make ends meet and help keep the family farm going. After another few years, Luke decided to pursue professional fighting, and entered the newly reformed Alliance Wrestling Federation (Which later became the Aggression Wrestling Federation) under the urging of his brother in law Killer Eagle. Luke, in a nod to his years working in the grocery industry, took the professional name Luke ShelfStocker, and his trademark easygoing attitude and respect for the titles and other fighters of the AWF, as well as his trademark shovels, quickly became a staple of the AWF.

Over the next year, Luke rose to become a two time AWF World Champion, often defying the odds to snatch the title. He has also experienced all the highs and lows the sports entertainment industry has to offer. Luke finally became disgusted with what he saw as a lack of respect for the titles and other fighters in the AWF, and dropped out of sight for several months.

He later reentered the AWF, after a bitter breakup with his wife, the full blood Apache AWF diva Moonflower. Months later, the Alliance Wrestling Federation became the Aggression Wrestling Federation, and ran for a short time under that name before closing its doors forever.

Luke immediately changed his professional name to his real name, Luke Brand, and joined several high card AWF stars to form the stable Aggression Wrestling Faction. These former AWF stars took their new stable and trademark AWF fighting styles into the R4GE organization.

It didn't take Luke long to become disenchanted with both the R4GE organization and with life in Los Angeles, R4GE's home, and after only a month in the R4GE organization, Luke destroyed his R4GE contract and headed back to Ohio. Months afterward, a new organization known as 187 Wrestling was formed, and Luke quickly joined, happy to be able to remain living in his peaceful country home, while pursuing his passion for professional fighting.

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