Luke Phoenix (born April 21, 1981), best known by his stage name Luke Extreme, is a professional wrestler. He currently works with xWo on its MeltDown! brand.


Luke Phoenix started wrestling at the age of 18. He wrestled on the independent circuit in the Philippines under the alias 'Luke Extreme' until the age of 20 where he moved to Atlanta, Georgia. He continued wrestling indy promotions until the xWo caught his eye.

Wrestling Career

Xtreme Wrestling Organization

He quickly went to the xWo headquarters and signed a contract. Once he had an opportunity for a tag team partner, he took it. Luke was assigned to the MeltDown! Brand. On his first night on MeltDown, he formed a stable known as Generation X-Treme with Chris Toxic and Blake Redman. Shortly after, Generation X-Treme was disbanded due to the release of Chris Toxic.


Finishing Maneuvers

  • LX Destroyer [Canadian Destroyer]
  • Terminator X [Start -- Double Underhook Pedigree position. Front flip over the opponent. Landing 1 -- Head under and between opponent's legs, LX hits a devastating double underhook powerbomb. Landing 2 -- Head and body over opponent's back, LX hits a devastating double underhook Crucifix Powerbomb.]

Signature Maneuvers

  • Backflip Spinebuster [Done on the Top Rope facing the outside.]
  • Sharpshooter
  • Sharp Edge [Sharpshooter turned into a STS with Crossface clutch when opponent nears ropes.]
  • Powerbomb
  • STS
  • Spear
  • Spinebuster
  • Muscle Buster
  • Shock Treatment [F-5 Into A DDT]


Theme Music

  • You Don't Know by Eminem is LX's current theme song.


  • LX
  • The New Generation

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