Real name Andrew Bauchope
Ring Names The ManBeast, Man Beast Rhyno
Height 6'2
Weight 249 Ibs
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Billed from East Fife, Scotland
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TWOStars & Ex-Rev
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MBR is a former member of the TWOStars and Ex-Rev rosters.


A man who some may see as a veteran, but isn't one to let his experience of knowing better to stop him losing his temper. After stints in the first 2 versions of TWOStars, MBR headed to the ERE where he built on the potential seen in him and made a name for himself. Despite winning many lower titles MBR never quite managed to reach the stage of winning a companys main title. After taking time out after One Night Stand, MBR returned to help out Christopher Eagles as he was being beat down by Boyo and Sickness. Then at a later date, along with Draven Cage, formed a dominant tag team in the Caged Rhynos, although things ended sourly(in the understatement of the year) before returning again as a mystery opponent at Midsummers Night Destruction, albeit as a loser to ANgus McDonald in a triple crown championship match

Entrance Music

X Gona Give it to Ya By DMX

Signature/Finishing Moves

MBRs main moveset consists mostly of Power moves, with a lot of punches and kicks and slams to try and wear his opponent down. He also has some signature moves and finishers

Signature Move(s)

Release German Suplex(where the opponent is thrown overhead and lands face first).

Fishermans Suplex

Shoulder Thrusts in Corner

2 Running knees to the stomach off the ropes(old school Val Venis style) followed by a Rib Breaker

Gut Buster

Delayed Vertical Suplex

Moonsault(although used rarely, mainly after one or two other signature moves have failed. Often misses too)

Finishing Move(s)


Kryptonite Krunch(Only normally goes for if the Gore fails, so on extremely rare occasions)

Dragon Sleeper(Used much less than the Gore, mainly used as extra punishment afterwards if the situation calls for it)

Titles Held

Ex Rev TV Title

tWo/Ex Rev Intercontinental Champion

2 time ERE IC Champion

3 time Ex Rev tag tiles(With KJ, sam H and Barry Gower)

TWOSTars tag team champion with Draven Cage

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