Daily Damage
Federation MFGG Wrestling
Shown Monday-Tuesday, Thursday-Saturday
Cast MFGG Wrestling roster
Run July 18, 2006 - Present
Creator Jeff Silvers
Airs on Mario Fan Games Galaxy message boards
No. of episodes 223 (as of April 6, 2007)

Daily Damage is the daily show of MFGG Wrestling, taking place every Monday through Saturday (with Sundays typically reserved for supershows). Daily Damage typically features three to five matches. Championships are occasionally defended at Daily Damage shows (excluding the Undisputed World Championship, which is almost always defended exclusively at supershow events).

There is also the occasional Daily Damage "special" event, such as the monthly King of MFGG (held toward the end of every month, usually on a Tuesday).

Beginning April 11, 2007, its Wednesday edition will be replaced by XD Wednesday Night Sin, a program run by MFGG splinter faction X-Degeneration.

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