Epoch Rising was a supershow held by MFGG Wrestling. It is considered their most important show to date.


In mid-January 2007, MFGG Wrestling booker Captain Jeff Silvers posted a cryptic image in the MFGG Wrestling topic at the Mario Fan Games Galaxy message boards. The image showed a silhouette of a person holding the Undisputed World Championship belts with a large white version of the MFGG logo above him and the date April 1, 2007 in the bottom right corner. Speculation began immediately as to what the date signified. Silvers himself kept the information secret until the February 5 edition of Daily Damage, when he revealed that the image was a reference to Epoch Rising, a supershow which would "end the current generation of MFGG Wrestling and begin the new." He also announced that it had been moved forward to March 4.

From February 12 to 18, a special sixteen-man version of the King of MFGG Tournament was held, which culminated at King of MFGG VIII. Suigi won the tournament, which placed him in the main event of Epoch Rising against Press Start for the Undisputed World Championship.

On February 22, Dark Yoshi announced that he had something up his sleeve for Epoch Rising, saying that "It won't be pretty." He later revealed it to be the Cage of Shadows, a match which is held inside a large circular structure with an inner cage shaped like a star. The inner cage is on fire, and pinfalls or submissions only count once the participants have moved there. He proposed that he be given an IPW Heavyweight Championship match in that structure. Captain Jeff Silvers responded, telling Dark Yoshi that he would face The Magical Gamer in a #1 Contender's Match for the IPW Heavyweight Championship. Dark Yoshi defeated The Magical Gamer, and is currently set to face Nightwing for the IPW Heavyweight Championship in what is considered his most sadistic creation yet.

The event will also feature MFGG Wrestling's fourth Money in the Bank Ladder Match, and the first to feature six wrestlers. Qualifying matches began at MFGG Last Chance and continued during the Road to Epoch Rising series. On February 28, World Wrestling Entertainment announced it had increased the number of Money in the Bank participants at their WrestleMania 23 to eight; calling this an "obviously desperate move" to draw attention away from Epoch Rising, Silvers announced that MFGG's event would feature a match never seen in WWE history: an Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch for the MFGG SoVeryHardcore Championship.

The show's tag line was Seeing is Believing.


MFGG Epoch Rising
Promotion MFGG Wrestling
Date March 4, 2007
Supershow chronology
Last Chance Epoch Rising Inaugural Brawl

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