MFGG Tag Team Championship

MFGG Tag Team Championship belt (August 3, 2006-Present)

The MFGG Tag Team Championship is a championship currently defended in MFGG Wrestling. It is the primary title of MFGG's tag team division.


In late July 2006, Captain Jeff Silvers announced the creation of a new tag team division. Several tag teams registered for a round robin tournament to crown the first ever MFGG Tag Team Champions. The tournament took place at Daily Damage #13: Strength in Numbers, with Suigi and SuperZero scoring a perfect 5-0 to win the titles. Their victory would prove short lived, however, as they lost the titles to Milkbone and Wayne Deranez two days later.

Unfortunately, the tag team division did not take off as Silvers had anticipated. However, faction wars gave way to a new trend in Tag Team Championship matches: rather than having individual tag teams dedicated to pursuing the titles, factions began to choose two of their members to challenge the current champions in an effort to gain more titles.

An interesting situation occurred on October 1, 2006: Captain Jeff Silvers and Zasshou, representing X-Degeneration, lost the titles to Press Start and The Blue Griffin. This was significant because Press Start was also a member of X-Degeneration, and because Captain Jeff Silvers was embroiled in a feud with The Blue Griffin at the time. Silvers eventually admitted he held no ill regard toward Press Start as a result of the event.

In mid January 2007, MFGG Wrestling experienced an unexpected surge in interest, with several new members signing up within a span of a couple weeks. As a result, several new tag teams formed, and the e-fed once again had a semi-dedicated tag team division.

As a result of renewed interest in the division, Silvers announced on February 28 that he intended to create a secondary set of tag titles. On March 4, at a press conference after MFGG Epoch Rising, Silvers announced the creation of the MFGG United States Tag Team Championship.

On March 16, 2007, The Nightmare Tyrants (Illicard and Lubijou), a tag team from AWN Wrestling, won the titles at MFGG vs AWN Comeback. As such, the MFGG United States Tag Team Championship became the temporary number one title of MFGG's tag team division. The MFGG Tag Team Championship was returned to MFGG when Dark Yoshi and Suigi won it nine days later.


Record: Record holder: Record number: Notes:
Most reigns (individually) Captain Jeff Silvers Seven Captain Jeff Silvers won his Seventh title when he and Julio Cesar F defeated Nightwing And Über n00ber, Smoke And Press Start And DarkRecon And Smans Smansy Rodriguez at MFGG One for the Ages In a Fatal Four Way Tag Team Cage Match On July 17, 2007. The Match is also for Smans And Recon United States Tag Team Titles.
Most reigns (as a team) DarkRecon And Smans Smansy Rodriguez Three DarkRecon And Rodriguez defeated Nightwing And Über n00ber,Julio Cesar F and Blood Suigi And Smoke And Press Start in an Inferno Steel Cage Match on July 14, 2007, to win their Third title together.
Longest reign Captain Jeff Silvers/Press Start 44 days Silvers and Press Start won the titles on November 19, 2006. They held the titles until January 2, 2007, making them the longest-reigning MFGG Tag Team Champions in history (as well as the longest-reigning holders of any MFGG title). It's interesting to note that the two members of this tag team also hold the second and third place records, respectively; Start held the titles for thirty-five days with The Blue Griffin, while Silvers held them for thirty-four days with Zasshou.
Shortest reign Suigi and SuperZero 2 days Suigi and SuperZero went undefeated in a round-robin tournament at MFGG Daily Damage #13: Strength in Numbers to become the first MFGG Tag Team Champions. They would lose the titles two days later to Milkbone and Wayne Deranez at MFGG Daily Damage #15.


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