MFGG United States Tag Team Championship

MFGG United States Tag Team Championship belt (March 2007-Present)

The MFGG United States Tag Team Championship is a championship currently defended in MFGG Wrestling. It is subordinate to the MFGG Tag Team Championship.


On February 28, 2007, MFGG booker Captain Jeff Silvers hinted that, due to renewed interest in the tag team division, there might be a secondary tag title introduced after Epoch Rising. On March 4, after the aforementioned supershow, Silvers held a press conference where he announced, among other things, the creation of the MFGG United States Tag Team Championship.

On March 6, 2007, at Daily Damage #197: Tag Team Supreme, X-Degeneration (Dark Yoshi and Suigi) won a round robin tournament to become the first champions.

From March 16 to 25, 2007, the MFGG United States Tag Team Championship was the premiere title of MFGG's tag team division, as AWN Wrestling controlled the MFGG Tag Team Championship.


Record: Record holder: Record number: Notes:
Most reigns (individually) Julio Cesar F Three Julio Won His Third Title With Captain Jeff Silvers When He Defeated Bolt And Mochant On Daily Damage 236 On April 26,2007.From April 29 Till May 6,Julio Is Also The Undisputed World Champion.From May 6 To 16 Captain Jeff Silvers Is Also The XD International Champion.From May 7 To 16,Julio Is Also The Internet Champion.From May 16,Silvers And Julio Are Also The Tag Team Champions.From May 20,Julio Is The Internet Champion And Silvers Is The Undisputed World
Most reigns (as a team) None None No Team Won The Titles More Then Once.
Longest reign Captain Jeff Silvers/Julio Cesar F 45 days Silvers and Julio won the titles on April 26,2007. They held the titles until June 10, 2007, making them the longest-reigning MFGG United States Tag Team Champions in history (as well as the longest-reigning holders of any MFGG title).
Shortest reign Doc Wario and Über n00ber/ Bolt and Mochant(Tie) 4 days Wario And n00ber Won The Titles From Dark Yoshi And Suigi On March 16,2007 And Lost It To Jeff Silvers And Superzero On March 20.Bolt And Mochant Won The Titles From Julio Cesar F And Suigi On April 22,2007 And Lost It To Silvers And Julio On April 26.


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