MFGG World Heavyweight Championship

MFGG World Heavyweight Championship (July 25-October 15, 2006)

The MFGG World Heavyweight Championship was a championship defended in MFGG Wrestling. It served as the e-fed's primary championship until it was unified with the XD Championship in October 2006 to form the Undisputed World Championship.


When MFGG Wrestling was founded in July 2006, it was initially announced that there would be two titles: the MFGG World Heavyweight Championship (the primary title) and the MFGG PPP Championship (a hardcore-style title, named after the infamously chaotic Pointless Post Palace forum at Mario Fan Games Galaxy; this would later be renamed the MFGG SoVeryHardcore Championship).

Qualifying matches (though at the time they were not announced as such) for the World Heavyweight Championship tournament began at the first event, MFGG Saturday Slaughter. By the time the tournament concluded at MFGG Daily Damage #3, Someguy had defeated Press Start to become the first champion.

Press Start would win the title just six days later at Daily Damage #8 and would go on to hold it for eighteen days, a record that would stand until the belt's retirement (though SuperZero would tie it). He finally lost it to Milkbone at MFGG vs XD Civil War (Press Start was representing X-Degeneration, and Milkbone was representing MFGG). This resulted in the creation of the XD Championship by MFGG booker and XD member Captain Jeff Silvers the next day; the title was awarded to Press Start. As a result of this, MFGG Wrestling now had two world titles of equal status (though in practice, the MFGG World Heavyweight Championship was typically given more attention).

End Of Days Controversy

On of the most shocking events in the history of the title occurred at MFGG End of Days on September 3, 2006. Littlink had just defeated Über n00ber to win the title when Dark Yoshi, believed to have died a week earlier, returned to cash in his Money in the Bank title shot. He defeated the exhausted Littlink to win the first singles title of his career (though he would lose it just three days later to SuperZero).

In early October 2006, Captain Jeff Silvers announced that at the upcoming MFGG Three-Month Mayhem supershow celebrating the three-month anniversary of the e-fed, MFGG's two world titles (the MFGG World Heavyweight and XD Championships) would be unified to form one championship. On October 15, MFGG World Heavyweight Champion Zasshou defeated XD Champion The Blue Griffin to unify the two titles and become the first Undisputed World Champion. Though the two belts continued to be used to represent the new title, the MFGG World Heavyweight Championship was effectively retired with Zasshou as its final holder.


Record: Record holder: Record number: Notes:
Most reigns Littlink Two Littlink won his second title when he defeated SuperZero at MFGG Vendetta on September 24, 2006. He is the only person to have held the MFGG World Heavyweight Championship more than once.
Longest reign Press Start and SuperZero (tie) 18 days Press Start won his first title on July 26, 2006, when he defeated Someguy at Daily Damage #8. He held on to the belt until losing it to Milkbone at MFGG vs XD Civil War eighteen days later. SuperZero would match this feat by holding the title from September 6-24, 2006.
Shortest reign Littlink <1 day Littlink defeated Über n00ber on September 3, 2006, at MFGG End of Days to win the title. Dark Yoshi made his return immediately following the match and invoked his Money in the Bank title shot. He easily defeated Littlink and won the title.

List of champions

Wrestler Date Won Date lost Days as champion Event Notes
Someguy 7.20.06 7.26.06 6 MFGG Daily Damage #3 Defeats Press Start in a tournament final. Full tournament results - Saturday Slaughter (qualifying matches) (July 15): Ortzz defeats Robbydude to qualify; Someguy defeats Littlink and Milkbone to qualify; Zasshou defeats Sarahsuke to qualify; Press Start defeats SuperZero in a Last Man Standing Match to qualify; Wayne Deranez defeats Captain Jeff Silvers in an Extreme Rules Match to qualify. Daily Damage #1 (round one) (July 18): Ortzz defeats Wayne Deranez; Someguy defeats Zasshou; Press Start receives a bye. Daily Damage #2 (round two) (July 19): Press Start defeats Ortzz; Someguy receives a bye. Daily Damage #3 (round three) (July 20): Someguy defeats Press Start.
Press Start 7.26.06 8.13.06 18 MFGG Daily Damage #8
Milkbone 8.13.06 8.27.06 14 MFGG vs XD Civil War
Über n00ber 8.27.06 9.3.06 7 MFGG Riot Control Until August 28, n00ber is also an MFGG Tag Team Champion (with Littlink).
Littlink 9.3.06 9.3.06 <1 day MFGG End of Days
Dark Yoshi 9.3.06 9.6.06 3 MFGG End of Days Dark Yoshi returns to MFGG Wrestling and cashes in his Money in the Bank title shot immediately after Littlink's victory over n00ber.
SuperZero 9.6.06 9.24.06 18 MFGG Daily Damage #44 This is a Three Stages of Hell Match. SuperZero wins 2-0 (defeated Dark Yoshi in a Chaos in the Cages Match and a Triple Cage Match.)
Littlelink[2] 9.24.06 10.1.06 7 MFGG Vendetta This is an Elimination Chamber Match between Littlink, SuperZero, Captain Jeff Silvers, Press Start, Über n00ber, and Julio Cesar F.
Zasshou 10.1.06 10.15.06 14 MFGG Critical Condition Zasshou is also the MFGG SoVeryHardcore Champion until October 2. . On October 15, Zasshou defeats XD Champion The Blue Griffin to unify the two titles and become the Undisputed World Champion.

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