MG Newton (born November 19, 1983), better known by his ring name The Punisher, is an British professional wrestler currently performing in PSW (Powerslam Wrestling. He is also known from his time in TNT and other indy federations, where he competed in a Tag Team with his brother, Gaz Newton.


Early Life

MG Newton grew up with one younger siblings in a middle class household in Leeds, United Kingdom. Throughout his schooldays, he participated in football, wrestling and rugby league. He decided to take up wrestling on a full-time basis rather than turning professional as a rugby league player. He was offered countless contracts with many of the top rugby league sides from the United Kingdom and Australia.

Wrestling Career

MG Newton moved to United States America with his family in 1998, where he joined the ROH Wrestling school. He spent 2 years with the ROH Wrestling school, where he learnt the basics of wrestling. In 2000, he began to wrestle for the ROH federation where he was involved in many feuds with some of the top wrestlers in the company.

TNT Promotion

MG Newton turned his back on the ROH to sign a lucrative contract with the newly formed formation in 2005. He was joined in the TNT promotion by his younger brother, Gaz Newton. MG Newton and Gaz Newton wrestled together as a faction called Team Punishment. They enjoyed countless feuds with the many wrestlers in the TNT promotion. Their best feud was Team Punishment's feud with the British Lions. The promotion was sold and disbanded in 2006, so MG Newton and Gaz Newton were left without a job in the wrestling business.

PSW Promotion

In 2007, MG Newton was signed by the newly formed PSW promotion on a lucrative contract. He won his first wrestling title in that promotion, when he beat 3 other men to win the PSW Television Championship at the Liberty or Death PPV event.

He was joined in the PSW promotion by his brother, who had been in strong contract negotiations with PSW promotion.

Wrestling Facts

  • Finishing and signature moves
  • The Punishment (Two suplexs and then the jackhammer)
  • Newton Star Press (Standing shooting star press)
  • UK Destroyer (Flipping Piledriver)
  • FCUK (Standing Moonsault Uranage)
  • Punishment Delivered (Somersault Corkscrew LegDrop)
  • Punish Bomb (Scoop Lift Powerbomb)
  • Rolling Combo (Heel Kick to the cornered opponent, run against rope and do a rolling thunder on the grounded opponent)
  • Spear
  • Yorkshire Cloverleaf (Texas Cloverleaf)
  • Inverted Tornado DDT
  • Black Hole Slam (Modified Sidewalk Slam)

  • Nicknames
  • The Punisher

  • Tag Teams and Stables
  • Team Punishment (Gaz Newton)
MG Newton
[[Image:|px|Image of Tomas Montgomery]]
Real name
Ring Names {{{names}}}
Height 6'5"
Weight 250lbs
Date of birth November 19, 1983
Place of birth Leeds, United Kingdom
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Miami, Florida
Billed from Leeds, United Kingdom
Trainer ROH Wrestling School
Handled by Mgn8388
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