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MSN:WA is an e-federation formed by Jeremy McMillion in May 2006. It consists of two federations. FWA, based in America and it's British counterpart, BWA. Both federations hold Pay-Per-View events independent of each other several times a year, however both federations will host a cross-company supershow four times a year.

History of MSN:WA

To come later...

MSN:WA Championships

MSN:WA Unified Heavyweight Championship - Vacant

MSN:WA World Tag Team Champions - Vacant

FWA Heavyweight Champion - Isabella Taylor

FWA Championess - Genesa Xaria

FWA Attitude Champion - Georgia James

FWA Reckless Champion - Davidson

FWA Tag Team Champions - Eric Star and Daniel Dawson Turner (aka, The New Wave)

BWA Heavyweight Champion - Shawn Richards

BWA Women's Championship - Holly Jones

BWA Television Champion - James Tsunami

BWA Highland Champion - Mister Scarie

Previous Championships

BWA Commonwealth Championship - Decommissioned; Destroyed by vandals

BWA Tag Team Champions - Vacated; To be merged with FWA Tag titles.

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