MWE World Heavyweight Championship

The Mayhem Wrestling Entertainment (MWE) World Heavyweight Championship is the primary professional wrestling championship in old Mayhem Wrestling Entertainment, it is now defending on Enigmar Wrestling.


Start of MWE

The title was created on MWE. It was first won by David Whitman, and the last champion under MWE management was Mason Resoan. However as of May 2, 2008 Alejandro Rodriguez cause GM of EW Genesis to reactivate the title.

Current champion

The current champion is Alejandro Rodriguez, who is in his first reign. He awarded the title on April 132008 at EW Genesis by Earl Sampson.

Title history

indicates reigns not recognized by MWE.
Wrestler: Reign: Date: Location: Notes:
David Whitman 1 May 14 2007 New York City, New York Defeated 9 other men in a ten man battle royal.
Brian Mcheals 1 May 13 2007 New York City, New York Defeated David Whitman at Turmoil
Pala 1 June 17 2007 Milwaukee, WI Defeated Brian Michaels at Wrestle Wars 1
Adam Copane 1 August ?? 2007 Duluth, GA First and only title change on Monday Night Hayhem,
Mason Resoan 1 August 19 2007 Manchester, England Defeated Aiden Copane, D.C., and Pala in a four-way dance main event, at Independence Day.
Alejandro Rodriguez 1 May 2 2008 Detroit, MI Title reactivatd by Earl Sampson

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