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Height 6'8
Weight 287 lbs.
Date of birth July 15, 1976
Place of birth The Sea, The Ocean, The Aquarium
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Debut May 26th, 2005
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The term Maelstrom means 'A violent or turbulent situation' and 'A whirlpool of extraordinary size or violence'.

Maelstrom is a tall and menacing wrestler who lives in and owns an Aquarium, much of his past life remains a mystery however his obseesion with all things aquatic and water based may make him seem rather unhinged to those he encounters.. His wrestling style consists of using power based moves on the whole, but can use submissions to great affect as well as being fairly agile for a big man. He also uses a variety of mind games to defeat his opponents ranging from simple pyrotechnics and effects to seemingly supernatural abilites such as returning from being eaten by a Great White Shark. This combined with a great resiliance to pain and injury makes Maelstrom one of the best wrestlers in the EWT today and so far he has had two reigns as EWT Tri-State Champion and one reign as EWT World Champion.

Although Maelstrom looks like the kind of guy best avoided he has teamed up with other wrestlers over the years and had success. These teams ah usually short lived though as Maelstrom has a unique view of right and wrong much like the sealife that he associates his life with. If he feels slighted or stabbed in the back he will go to the ends of the ocean to take his revenge as he usually considers things to be black or white, there is no grey.

Debut and arrival in EWT

The first anyone heard of Maelstrom was the a series of video showed the power of water with plenty of swirling vortexes. It ended with he words. THE TIDE WILL TURN!

Title History

  • EWT Tri-State Champion (2-time)
  • EWT World Champion (1-Time)

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves and signature moves
    • The Whirlpool (A Spinning Sitdown Powerbomb)
    • Water on the Brain (Draagon Sleeper)
    • Vortex Drop (A Screwdriver, can be done of the top rope)
    • Chokeslam
    • Walking Powerslam
    • Double Axe Handle off the 2nd rope
    • Atomic Drops
    • A Shooting Star Press to the outside (Only used on rare occasions usually in speciality matches)
  • Theme songs
    • "Apocalypse Please" by Muse
  • Quotes
    • The Tide Will Turn!
  • Trivia
    • - He is the Originator of The Aquarium Room Riot and the Leviathan Chamber.
    • - Maelstrom has come back from a broken spine.
    • - Maelstrom was romantically involved with Oceanic, they have since parted from each other.

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