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The eWrestling Encyclopedia is the first fully interactive e-wrestling knowledge base. It was formed in July of 2005, and is hosted by Wikia.

As an editable website, EWE is a collaborative attempt to document the past, present and future of everything related to the 'hobby' of e-wrestling. This includes information on the characters, federations, inter-federations and handlers and anything which can be written about to an acceptable level.

The eWrestling Encyclopedia strives to change the face of e-wrestling, and to prevent the inevitable situation where the stars of today will be forgotten in ten years time. We plan to become an indispensable tool to all handlers and e-federation fanatics, and with your help, we might be able to do just that.


We are currently working on 13,528 articles. To browse eWE, visit the main article category, or directly browse characters, federations or handlers. Along with this, Featured Federations and Featured Wrestlers are updated by the administration of EWE. Users of EWE are encouraged to nominate characters, championships, and federations to become featured on EWE's homepage. For nominations, please contact RRS and see if you qualify!

Featured Wrestler of the Month

Jamie O'Hara
(Born 4 December 1985) is an Australian born professional wrestler currently signed with Elite Answers Wrestling. Throughout his career, O'Hara carried the "Phenomenal" tag line which easily sums up his in ring ability; this tag evolved into the likes of "Tomorrow's Legend" and more recently, "Ace of Elite Answers Wrestling". He has consistently been a fan favourite, rarely straying too far away from the core values that made him popular with not just fans but also workers. He was viewed by some as a future superstar of EAW. In his career, O'Hara has ventured little outside a few federations. His list of accomplishments isn't even a third in comparison to most however, he holds the belief that the standard of the UWF has forced him to reach a standard where he can match it with anyone. Since his arrival, O'Hara has cemented his place in EAW as a two time World Champion alongside reigns as the New Breed champion and tag team champion with Xavier Williams as "The Mighty Don't Kneel". (Read More)

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