BIO- Started Wrestling At The Age Of 13 But Was Banned From Ever Wrestling Again In FL. So Manic Traveled Around The Country Fighting People To make Money. One Day After Beating An Old Man For His Land He Decided To Turn The Old Barn Into A Wrestling Training Facility, Which Is Where He Still Trains Young Up And Coming Stars To This Day His Addiction of Wrestling Was So Major. That He Invested In A Wrestling School That Later Became A Nation - Wide Promotion Called World Federation of Wrestling. Based In Manic's Home state of East Newark Borough, New Jersey, The Promotion Has Set Records By Selling Out At Most Of Its Live Events. Its Still A Work, A Successful Work, In Progress.Two Competitors Are In A Prison At Random Intervals 4 Cells Open Containing Weapons. Once All 4 have Been Opened A Final Cell Opens That Has An Electric Chair In It. The Objective is That They Must Put Their Opponent In The Chair, Then Flip The Power Switch.He hails from East Newark Borough, New Jersey as he was in school the class clown as he is in the wrestling ring his personality matches his ring work because not only will he make things look flashing and his opponets look like idiots he also does very Impactful moves that tend to hurt an afful lot although he seems like a joke. He was born in a tough life as his mother was stabbed by his father who then went to Jail he lived on the streets as He has been in many independent companys way to many to name to unleash his inner anger and he has worked with sum of the greatist wrestlers alive! although as he first steped into the halls of the combat brand which he joined on Jan 09 he was harassed and bullied by the martinez family which he is doing all he can to fight back even though its a three on one feud as he lost to Owen his first week but made an Astonishing comeback the week after by debuting his most amazing finisher the world has ever seen and won the match as its now a tie between the to victory wise! as the weeks carried on he had taken the week off to illness but won the following week against marlon as Manic prepares for his match at Gate way to glory....but befor he continues to his match to Gate way he has two matches during the two weeks befor the big event as he then takes an amazing loss to New comer Assassin after his 4 match winning streak as he then begins to grow serious heat to the people working backstage as he later found out Assassin had better things to do then stay in XWA. Assassin was then fired leaving Manic not wanting that loss on his recored. Booking had planned Manic to team with JP Payne as they announced it on Air but was then scrapped due to JP going to Japan. The XWA staff also however disagreed with him about the Assassins win over hum, he was then assigned a match with his close friend Joe Taylor. He had been wrestling with Joe in Totally Awesome wrestling alliance and won multiple Tag teams titles together as the tag team "Tie-Die-& Joe" intill Joe came to the show in a bad mood and just worked through the match as Manic Rolled him up for the win He had no time to worry about Joe as his match at Gate way was next, which is a dog collar match. As Manic enters the PPV full and ready, he losses to Owen also known as a certain star, as manic now appears to have lost his mind, reporting to his close friends that he hears somebody talking to him. Causing him to find a new drive for the wrestling Industry and setting his goals even higher. He then awaits his next step to enter into the next step of Combat brand and hoepfully get sum wins ;) As Time went on Manic later found new life as he began training after getting a few weeks off with the great Bret Hart alongside Manic's long time Friends Kenny Omega, Kenny King and Joe Taylor, as they struggled to become the best tey can be. Time also escalated when Manic began to get close to new XWA diva, Victoria Rayne, Manic also brings in ROH rising star Jason Primas and a top wrestler and long time friend from the NOAH company in Japan, Takeo Kabyashi. Manic Aligning himself as the leader in this 4 man trio not know whats going to happen he gets put into the King of the deathmatch as he losses and gets kicked out in the first round to Scarred, who is a masked wrestler who debut the same time Rick Magnum declare his absence as Manic now needs to find out what he's going to do next. After carless thinking and consulting, manic had to break up his stable and find himself as he was set for a match-up against Lucas Lewis as Manic faced lewis, after his match, he announced that he was going to take time away from xwa to find himself....only time will tell what happens. Intill Manic was attack right befor by Blaine and Sacrifice as Manic is set to go one on one with Blaine in a glass tables match at KOTDM
XWA Wrestlers
Name Manic
Theme Song The Beatles - "Strawberry Fields Forever"
Height 6'1
Weight 215
Finisher Last Rights (RKO)
Solitary Confinement (Guilotine)
Indie Flip

(he climbs to the top turnbuckle as his back is to his opponet who is on the ground facing up, he then backflips and connects with a leg drop, pretty much a moonsault leg drop )

November 3
Federations WWEF

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