Marina Valdivia is a professional wrestler who is currently a free agent. Marina over the years, has notably competed in NIWF, ICWA, HCW, THW and most recently, CAW. After the closure of THW, she took a hiatus from wrestling for a short time, before ultimately returning full-time in 2014.

Marina Valdivia
[[Image:|px|Image of Marina Valdivia]]
Real name Marina Valdivia
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Height 5'5"
Weight 128 lbs
Date of birth April 24, 1984 (age 30)
Place of birth San Diego, California
Date of death
Place of death
Resides San Diego, California
Billed from San Diego, California
Trainer N/A
Free Agent
Handled by
Win/Loss Record
Debut May 18, 2007 (manager), June 8, 2007 (wrester)
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Early life and Career

Marina was born in San Diego, California and grew up as the 3rd of 4th siblings, along with 2 sisters and a brother. Her father's side of the family is Italian while her mother's side is Mexican. From a very young age, Marina wanted to be a star, a movie star as a matter of fact. She became enamoured with the glitz and glamour that Hollywood provided. She dreamed of an adulthood full of red carpet appearances, summer blockbusters, and recognition as a pop culture icon. Described as a very sweet and very friendly child, she had no issues whatsoever making friends and starting from the age of 9, she would often take her mother's camera (without permission usually) and make "movies" with her friends. Her home life was for the most part, peaceful, though she had personality clashes with her brother and older sister constantly, growing up. She stayed persistent in chasing her dream, sinking her teeth into her high school's theater/performing arts program instantly and doing everything she could to make that stage her own. At the same token, she wasn't a typical 'theater geek' either. Her warm, genuine, welcoming personality made her one of Point Loma High School's most likeable people, even winning "Most Likely To Be an A-List Celebrity" from her 2002 classmates. She starred in quite a few plays during her high school days, earning some attention from acting schools across Southern California. She was able to get a scholarship to one, and shortly after graduating, she moved north to Los Angeles for the next four years to attend the school and to chase her dream.

Marina found Los Angeles rough at first, having never stayed there for an extended period of time prior to her move there. She began working at an In-N-Out to make ends meet at an apartment she rented with a fellow film student plus any tuition costs her scholarship didn't cover. One day, during a typical afternoon, an independent wrestling promoter happened to stop by, wanting to find someone to manage one of his wrestlers. The promoter loved Marina's look and acting abilities. Unknowingly foreshadowing her own future, Marina accepted to work for the promoter, obviously not denying the chance to make extra money. She had some rough setbacks in her personal life (her high school sweetheart never supported her dreams, and her subsequent boyfriend heartbreakingly abandoned her for a career in China on her 21st birthday, and she hated her job. Fortunately, once she started to be cast in independent movies, and once her paychecks from her valet job in wrestling started to increase, she left her job. Her reputation was starting to spread as a potential breakout star in the industry and it reached the point where she even had a lucrative contract offer on her 22nd birthday from a large scale movie company. However, due to the fact that she didn't want to change for anyone, didn't want to live across the country away from her family, and the fact that she actually fell in love with wrestling over the previous four years, she tore up the contract and walked away, without signing it, deciding to instead become a wrestler.

Wrestling Career (2007-Present)


Marina spent the rest of 2006 and the early part of 2007 training to become a wrestler. Her stage presence was lauded, but her in-ring abilities were slow to catch on at first. A chance vacation to Nova Scotia, however, would change everything. A small provincial outfit in Nova Scotia was searching for a manager for a talent (Jay Swift) they had just signed and she stopped by to meet with them. Impressed by her charisma, she was hired. However, financial problems seemingly put things in danger for a brief period. Fortunately, the small wrestling company was absorbed by a large scale wrestling company (NIWF) , thus in mid-2007, Marina accomplished the dream she wanted: being in front of a worldwide audience. Granted, it didn't come the way she planned, but she was happy nevertheless. She began wrestling in the company's women's division, winning her first championship two months in. But ultimately, she started seeing the darker side of fame. Locker room cancers attempted to break her and bring her down, largely because she was open about how much of a star she wanted to be. She became a victim of wrestling's dirty deeds (locker room hazing, for instance) and it eventually got to her to the point where she broke and found herself leaving the NIWF for greener pastures shortly after she lost her first championship. The brutal hazing served as the beginning of a very trying time for the young 23 year old, as her personal life and career started to spiral downward.

While she caught on with another company (ICWA, and later on, UHWF/HCW) and won another women's championship (ICWA), she developed a case of PTSD from the brutal hazing she endured, and as mentioned previously, her life and career spun out of control. Soon, she had alienated those that were close to her as she developed a temporary insanity that caused her to act very much unlike herself and her career, which once had bright prospects, seemed to be fading away from her (She got released from ICWA). She was losing her mind, her friends, her family, and her career, hitting rock bottom in the summer of 2008 when she challenged for, and lost a TV championship match in which she was absolutely decimated. But, she re-invented herself, re-tooled her mental approach to wrestling, and she rose from the ashes, rebuilding her broken relationships, finding herself again, getting her life and career back on track, breaking her company's gender barrier and finally crossing over into the men's ranks, beating man after man that stood in front of her (winning UHWF/HCW's TV, IC and International championships). She was relentless, but passionate, as each win brought her closer to an ultimate prize she never imagined was possible.


Early in 2009, that ultimate prize that she never imagined, became a reality: a world championship, the first woman in her company (UHWF/HCW) to ever pull it off. However, the company closed two brief months later due to unfortunate, controversial, circumstances. Marina would push on, knowing that she was becoming the superstar she had always dreamed of being. She would find her way to another wrestling company (THW, which she'd stay at for four years) and had her struggles at first. There, she met an archrival that she seemingly couldn't get the better of, dealt with a sick, pathetic freak of nature kidnapping her baby sister, and struggling to get back to championship status. In spite of a good 2009, a championship eluded her after the closure of her previous wrestling company.

2010 would be a more eventful year. She finally started to get the better of her archrival and she seemed poised to make that last step to superstardom. Tragedy struck in May of 2010 when her father passed away. Determined, Marina found a way to overcome the emotional tragedy and win her second world championship, at last reaching the superstardom she had dreamed of since she was so young. She was being recognized as one of wrestling's brightest stars, she was even considered one of the best (perhaps the best) women's wrestler in the world. Marina was on top of the world, and she knew it! But, that summer, all the fame and the glory she had accomplished, got to her head. In essence, Marina sold out. Gone was the sweet, friendly demeanor she had grown up with. Gone was Marina loving the people that were behind her. Marina became self-centered, obnoxious, and felt like because she was on top of the world, that everyone should cater to her every whim and desire.


By 2011, Marina had become one of the most hated, evil women in the wrestling business. Her former fans began to long for when she was a sweet, genuine person. Her family stood behind her, but were obviously not happy with the person she had become. Other than a small circle, Marina cared far less about her social life, far less about being a respectable human being, and far more about championships, glory, fame, fortune, and being the sueprstar that she was. She didn't care who she stepped on or how bad someone was stepped on. A darker side had swallowed her soul and took her over. She even went as far as pretending as if she was never the person she grew up to be. She would laugh as the movie offers came in (she would reject them because she was having too much fun 'dominating' the wrestling world [in her own mind]). She began to be angry, vicious, and demanding when she never got her way.

More fame and glory would come her way in 2012, making her grow into an even more rotten person. It got to the point where she became a MASSIVE drama queen (and a massive headache for her peers). As time went on, and as she continued to add more to her name and to her fame, it seemed like she had the world in her grasp, and in her own mind, she was starting to seriously develop a massive superiority complex, even believing that she was the greatest women's wrestler "ever". With her morals out the window, Marina was completely devoid of every personality trait she once had, prior to her fame getting to her head.


2013, though, was the beginning of it all coming back to haunt her. Again, she faced a company closure. This time though, having felt she accomplished everything in wrestling, she decided to leave it behind and try to get her movie career off the ground. Unfortunately, her first feature film was a BOMB (critically AND commercially) and it turned out to be a huge setback for her. With a shattered reputation, and a shattered ego, Marina returned to wrestling in August of that year, thinking she would walk in and dominate like she had before. However, six weeks later, she was off the grid, reality having broken her. With her wrestling career AND her acting career suddenly in the dumps, Marina FINALLY saw the errors of her ways, FINALLY realized she let her former fame get to her head, and FINALLY locked away her darker side. For the remainder of 2013, Marina was off the grid, choosing to rediscover herself.

Wrestling Hiatus

Since the closure of THW, Marina began a hiatus. There had been no official statement, from her, or anyone close to her, about her wrestling future. Ultimately, she was merely taking a small sabbatical from wrestling.

Speculation on Whereabouts During Hiatus

Marina had largely disappeared from the public eye for the remainder of 2013. But, not without rumors and speculation of what she may be up to. Among them:

  • That she's planning a wrestling comeback (Proven True)
  • That she's left wrestling permanently for acting (FALSE)
  • That she's moved to another country and lives peacefully there (FALSE)
  • That she's undergoing a reevaluation of herself after realizing her horrific wrongs she committed in the past (True)
  • That she secretly got married, moved to another country, and lives in 100% seclusion (False)

Current Events

She began 2014 by getting back in the business, but another tenure went wrong. People were questioning if Marina's best days were behind her and if her time as a relevant star in wrestling and Hollywood was done for good by the age of 30. Unfazed by that setback, Marina caught on with another wrestling company (WCF), battling both her wrestling demons AND her personal demons as she continued to lock away her darker side and distance herself from every personality trait she had that was associated with her prior darkness. This, unfortunately, had the side effect of coming off as a pushover to her peers, a weakling to her enemies, and 'soft' all across the board. However, she rediscovered what had made her a star to begin with and she began to rise from the ashes again, with a successful tenure. Her resurrection caught the attention of the media, and suddenly, she was drawing massive praise for her comeback. Many in the media, many in the wrestling community, and her fan base (which had come back by this point), believed that it was only a matter of time before Marina's comeback would lead to her being a superstar again!!!! Unfortunately, Marina would suffer one last setback, though this one, unlike her prior setbacks that were caused on her own accord, was no fault of her own.

Despite being a rising star again in her previous wrestling company, she was taken for granted by it. She was often overlooked and cast aside, and her peers never thought much of her, despite the success she was having there. Marina began feeling like a big fish in a small pond, especially when she realized that she was nothing more than fodder for sexual innuendos and pathetic "humor" in what she described as a high school environment, not seen as a serious contender for anything, and not being taken seriously by most of her peers. Thus, realizing she deserved better, once more, Marina found herself searching for a new home. Despite that, her rejuvenation and her recent comeback made her the apple of the media's eye once more, as they were on the edge of their seats waiting for her next move. Her mainstream popularity back where it once was, Marina knew that her wrestling career was far from over.

As of September 29, she has yet to sign on with another wrestling company. But with everything she's been through, and all that she has learned over the last year, about herself, about the business in general, among other things, the future is still bright for the recently rechristened "California's All-Star".


California Splash (450 Splash)

Cali Killer (Bridging reverse chinlock)


California's All-Star

Former Nicknames

The Five Star Beauty

The Most Skilled, most talented and most glamorous woman in wrestling history

Santa Ana's Glamour Girl

The Glamour Queen

Diamond Starlet


Marina's family has a great history of athletics. Her brother Marcus Valdivia is currently playing Wide Receiver for the B.C. Lions of the CFL. Her older sister Teresa Valdivia is currently an Olympic track and field star, while her younger sister, Trisha Valdivia was an All-State basketball star at Peoria High School and currently attending UCLA. Finally, Marina's uncle, Jorge Rodriguez, was a back up right fielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Her mother Elisha was a professional wrestler beginning in 1986, a secret kept from her until recently.

The father's side of her family descended from the Materazzi gang which was led by her grandparents. They were a ruthless and unforgiving group that spread fear throughout Italy in the 1930s and 1940's before her grandparents emigrated to America, changing their last name to "Valdivia". Her father was in the gang as well, until he was arrested and jailed in 1989. This ended the gang for good after 55 years.

Marina was thought to have once dated Garrison Kane from 2003 to 2005. This fact became redundant when Marina revealed that the relationship never happened and that it was all an act.

Marina is the first woman to ever compete in the Battle (Royal Rumble like match in UHWF). She is also the first woman in UHWF/HCW history to win a championship of any kind!

As of August of 2014, Marina has chosen to "shelve the past" and move on. In other words, she has chosen to no longer gloat over, or discuss in detail, her past in the wrestling business, the good or the bad things, because in her own words, she's turning a new page in her wrestling career and that it's "time to move on"


Marina appeared in 8 independent films that went straight to DVD before she became a full-time wrestler. She has appeared on the following films (roles in parenthesis. Asterisk denotes main role):

Yet Another High School Movie [July 2002, PG] (Bridget Lewis [brunette cheerleader])

Another Crazy Christmas [December 2002, PG] (Stephanie [waitress])

Camping In Kansas [April 2003, G] (Haley Morris* [lead female])

College Movie (sequel to "Yet Another High School Movie) [October 2003, PG] (Bridget Lewis [snobby brainiac/cheerleader])

Be My Valentine [February 2004, G] (Courtney Salazar [best friend of lead female])

Wipeout! [July 2004, PG] (Amanda Sanders [lifeguard])

Murders on Arsenic Lane [May 2005, PG-13] (Tiffany Cortez* [lead female/sole survivor])

Internet Geeks [March 2006, PG] (Mayra [secretary])

Yet Another High School Movie 2: The 10-Year Reunion [July 2012, PG-13] (Bridget Lewis [cheerleader])

Future Film Roles

Marina is retired from acting.

Theme Songs

"Oh"-Ciara (used from debut until NIWF WrestleFest on July 29, 2007)

"Glamorous"-Fergie (use began after Marina won the Women's Championship at WrestleFest until the Jan. 2 edition of ICWA Overload, she began to use this theme again on the August 11th episode of Hardcore and would use it until the 11/10/08 edition of Hardcore.)

"Alive"-P.O.D (use began at a UHWF House show on January 4 and would continue until the August 4th episode of Monday Night Hardcore)

"Maneater"-Nelly Furtado (began use on 11/17/08 and continued to use it until THW Honorable Mention on January 25, 2010. She used this theme again beginning at Annual Annihilation on March 29, 2010, until 2011. However, started using this theme on the 12/6 episode of Evolution, until THW's closure on 4/24/2013. When she returned, however, she naturally began using this theme again, and does so to this day)

"Fighter"-Christina Aguilera (began use on the 2/2/10 episode of Showcase. Used until the March 22rd episode of Showcase)

"You Make the Rain Fall" = Kevin Rudolf (2011)

Wrestlers Managed by Marina Valdivia

Jay Swift


Allison Mayberry (2009-2012) (2014-Present)

Clarissa Vega (2012–2013)

Stables and Alliances

The Syndicate (Jay Swift, Tomas Montgomery and Kris Destiny)

The Syndicate 2.0 (Jay Swift)

Death Sentence (Jay Swift, Anthony Bloodbath and Zero McHannon)

Technicians of Xtreme (XTZ, John Freedom)

Beauty and Brains (Neville Sinclair)

Marina Valdivia, Hada Long-Rhodes, and Gabbi Sparks (Hada would retire due to an injury at the hands of the Society of Vengeance.)

Marina and Nicole

Selected Title/Accomplishment History (note: this is merely an overview, and not the entire list)

NIWF Women's Championship (1x)

ICWA Women's Championship (1x)

UHWF/HCW Intercontinental Championship (1x, unified with TV title)

UHWF/HCW Television Championship (1x, unified with IC title)

UHWF/HCW International Championship (1x,first ever, TV and IC titles were unified to create this title! Vacated it after winning the World title)

UHWF/HCW World Champion (1x, first woman ever to hold the title and last ever champion)

Former Tag Team Champion with Jay Swift

Former World Champion

Multiple time award winner

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