Mark Mason
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Mark Mason]]
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Ring Names Mark Murder, Mysterious X
Height 5'11"
Weight 215 LBS
Date of birth 5/30/68
Place of birth Pittsburgh, PA
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Resides Butler, PA
Billed from Dixmont Mental Institution
Trainer Proving Grounds IOOW
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Debut 2003
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Basic Information


Like Shirley Doe except with a more brown hair.

Ring Attire


Green Jacket


A yellow t-shirt with "Mark Murder" written in dark red and Sabu like grey pants.


A basic walk to the ring

Favorite Moves



Step-Over Toe Hold

Triangle Choke

Octopus Hold

Tradmark moves

Jumping piledriver

Running jumping enziguri

Baseball slide to shin

Signature Moves

Rubbing Alcohol

(Powerslam DDT/The victim is held in a powerslam position, he/she is the spun into a ddt.)


Mark's history begins when he was 18 and he decides to enter the wrestling world in a now dead promotion IOOW. IOOW dies and he then finds his way to RMW. He quickly gains a cult following and local fame in the Butler Area of PA.

At the peak of his "fame" his boss thought he was going to jump ship to a small fed gaining popularity in the UK. Mark was beat down by his boss's cronies. After this he changed his wrestling name to Mysterious X and went to the UK based promotion IWF. During RMW Mark was addicted to heroin. This habit affects him today.

After IWF was handed over to his good friend Matt Bourne He changed his name back to Mark Murder. After IWF changed to Insane wrestling Mark had a few matches and split to the Pro Wrestling Uncensored what he thought would be a more successful promotion, it closed after a month. Mark then went on a RMW reunion show. Mark then went on to an Insane Wrestling Federation reunion which was short lived, Mark then wrestled in the EHWF, there he would win the Shadow Championship, he would then jumpship to the newly reformed Undisputed Hardcore Wrestling with Mac Daddy Squid and reform the Freaks of Nature.

Championship Belts

1x EHWF Shadow Champion

1x Rmw Champion

1x IWF Tag-Team Champion (w/ Killer)


Freaks of Nature

Notable feuds


Hall of Fame

Mark Murder is a member of the IWF's Hall of Fame.

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