Mark Shaw was born to Mark Shaw Snr and his mother Martha Shaw. His father left Mark when he was 15 while his mother was forced to bring up Mark and his younger brother, whose father is never known. Shaw's brother whereabouts are currently unknown. Mark's mother died when he just turned 20 and he left home while his brother was took into care. Mark Shaw is currently employed by Baker’s Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Federation.


  • Mark's family life was very rough, his father and him never got along. This resulted in numourous fights between the pair. Mark eventually made his father scared of him which in the end culminated in him leaving. Mark was forced to help his mother battle cancer but due to not having the money to cover the health insurance she died which to this day Mark blames himself but more so blames his father for leaving them.

Mark's brother

  • Mark Shaw rarely even mentions he has a brother due to the fact they were split away when his mother died. Mark hasn't seen his brother in years. His brother now would be aged 20 but Mark wouldn't even know what he looked like.

Teenage Years

  • Like many teenagers Mark rebelled against his mother during his high school years, even when she was at her worst. Mark changed when he knew his mother was dying. Mark at High School was part of the wrestling team and had various offers from college but his mother's impending death had an impact on him. He failed to go to school but to make money he turned to a life of crime. Shaw then started to hang out with the wrong sort of people and they got into stealing but Mark was caught and sentenced to 4 years inside a correctional facility.

Prison and Meeting Matsao

  • Mark went into Prison and was wasting away until a guard by the name of Matsao Skull saw something in Shaw. Matsao took Shaw aside and told him he had a future in the world and that could be wrestling. Mark was amazed that Matsao could see that in him. When Mark come out of Prison Matsao agreed to train him, house him and make him into a star. Matsao become the father figure Mark had been looking for all his life.


Initial Training

  • Matsao being a Washington native took Shaw to his home city to help him train and learn the craft of Wrestling. Shaw in his first few lessons showed his high school background which took Matsao by surprise but Shaw grew cocky and arrogent so in time Skull soon brought him back down to earth in his unique but tough training methods. Shaw spent 12 hours a day in the ring or in the gym working himself just to keep up with his progress. In this training Shaw learnt how to respect the business and how the way it worked.

Early Wrestling Years

  • Mark's early years in the wrestling industry were spent on the road, Mark started out mainly jobbing to a few people but soon he started to become wiser and stronger when is when he finally signed his first deal with James Elvin's IWF.


The Internet Wrestling Federation (1999 - 2001)

  • Mark found his first big break within the IWF. Shaw started out on his own with Matsao advising him, but then Shaw struck up a friendship with "Nightmare" Dante Locks. The two become known as "The Hellraisers". At the start both men dominated the IWF but when Dante couldn't compete Shaw was left on his own as the race to become World Champion was hotting up. Mark Shaw was placed in the inaugural Champions League. He eventually went on to win this to become the first ever IWF World Heavyweight Champion. Mark Shaw in this time formed a group called The Untouchables. A heel group which helped Shaw retain his gold time and time again. The group's head man was Joe Elvin who was the co owner with his brother James. Everything was ok until Shaw finally lost the gold to a man called Kore. Shaw activated his rematch clause and finally got back what is rightfully his and dumbed the Untouchables in the process. Mark Shaw went on to hold the title which included an epic vs Jaguar in which he tied him to the ropes and beat him with a steel chair. Shaw finally lost the gold to Rob Slater who was a true champion. Mark Shaw made a shocking turn when he joined the cWo. A tweener group run by the IWF's own set of brothers Mike and Paul Colmer. Shaw won the Internet title but afterwards left the cWo sighting he needed to focus on the World Title. As we got into end of his run he formed a group with two gentlemen known as Jonnie Cresem and Jeremiah. Jonnie Cresem ended the IWF as the champion. They dominated the IWF. The Uprising took everything they wanted and then some more. The IWF ceased trading after this. Mark was sought after but he signed with the PHW.

Purely Hardcore Wrestling

  • Mark Shaw went into PHW with a bad attitude and a some nagging injuries. Mark never truly got going there and lost his tag of "The Icon". This seemed to lite a fire under Mark and he suddenly come back. Mark finally got his world title shot but due to financial issues again the company shut down meaning Mark never got his chance.

Insane Wrestling Federation

  • Mark Shaw went into the rebirth with the Uprising. The three men surprised the world when they all went back to the way things were. They proceeded to take out David Jax who was behind the come back. Shaw acting as the leader of the group challenged Jax to a match where the winner would go on and own the company but the loser would be gone. Jax won the match due to a fast count from the refeere, which to this day Shaw is still bitter about. Shaw was seen as to be gone. In a remarkable twist Shaw seemingly bought half the company from under David Jax which resulted in the two men working together. Surprisingly they didn't want to kill each other and worked well as a team. The only moments when there was problems is when Shaw booked himself in a World Title match against his old nemesis Rob Slater which he eventually lost. Shaw battered and beating from this and confused had his stock bought from underneath him to a man called Richard Hackman. Hackman proceeded to make his life a living hell. Shaw fought back and him and Jax formed the United Front with Makaveli and Grief to try and solve the Hackman problem. Shaw left the profession after his badly injured knee blew out and it was feared he'd never wrestle again.

The IWF closed but it was brought back by Sean Stevens but Shaw turned down a chance. Shaw was then found out to be the man who was running the place the whole time. When the IWF come back Shaw pointed out the only plus was the emergence of Theo Tyler as a true star.

Early Retirement

  • Mark Shaw retired knowning he had enough money in the bank to be set for life but not only that his film career was going great. Mark was making money and he was resting his body. Shaw rested his body for a whole year before he had an urge to come back to wrestle for a small company called Complete Wrestling. Shaw won their Main title but left due to problems with management. He was retired once again.


  • Was Shaw's oldest friend in the business but Jeremiah was upset about the way Mark and Jonnie picked on him. Jeremiah and Shaw to this day haven't said a word to each other. Mark regrets this but he will not say sorry to Jeremiah no matter how much Jeremiah would love him to.


The Surgery

  • Shaw's injured knee was operated on in the mid-late months of 2006 in a new and experimental operation by Doctor Richard Stedman Thankfully the operation was a complete success and allowed MArk to return to 100% which is extremely rare with knee injuries. No one really knows much pain Shaw is really in, as he'll never let people to know.


Joining Baker's EHWF

  • Mark Shaw was offered a contract by an outside source to come to the EHWF. Mark immediately signed when he knew Zircon Warmburn was on the roster. Both men who strive and have the same beliefs. Mark saw this as an opportunity to finally have the questions answered.

Over Obsessing

  • Mark's major problem is his obsession. Something which hasn't been seen since his first IWF run. Mark Shaw slowly is showing these signs again as he feels he's getting closer to his impending fight with Zircon. Mark knows that Zircon is the one man who can cement his character. Mark come back to show the world he's still got it and he's still the man. His obsession for wrestling is unheard of.


Mark Shaw has gone through every opponent that has been placed infront of him with ease. Mark just seems to want to get on with things and focus himself on beating Zircon.


Finishing Moves

  • Game Over (RKO).
  • SHAWShooter (Sharpshooter).
Wrestler Statistics
Born 10/09/1977
Years Active 2000–Present
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 231 lbs
Hometown Detroit, USA
Alighment Face
Build Heavyweight
Poser (Picture) Christian Cage / Triple H (IWF era)
Current Music "Hate Me Now" by Nas
Previous Music "Blurry" by Puddle Of Mudd "Numb" by Linkin Park, "Evil Deeds" by Eminem
Major E-fed's Internet Wrestling Federation, Purely Hardcore Wrestling Insane Wrestling Federation Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Federation

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