Martinez Cup Pen

Pen's 2006 Martinez Cup

The Martinez Cup is an annual trophy awarded to the winning world champion of Lords of Pain Wrestling's biggest pay-per-view of the year, Altered Reality. It is contested between the Insanity brand's (formerly named Schizophrenia) World Heavyweight Champion and the Inferno brand's (formerly named Pyromania) International Heavyweight Champion.

Created in the summer of 2005, the Martinez Cup is considered to be the LPW's most prestigious award. Since the match features both world champions of the promotion's respective brands, the winning champion gains bragging rights for his name, legacy, title, and brand.

There have been two Martinez Cup winners. In 2005 at Altered Reality II, SoL (Schizophrenia's World Heavyweight Champion) defeated Stone (Pyromania's International Heavyweight Champion) to win the first Cup. In 2006 at Altered Reality III, Pen (Schizo's World Heavyweight Champion) defeated D. Hammond Samuels (Pyro's International Heavyweight Champion) to win the second Cup.

The trophy is named after Marty, who was the promotion's first World Heavyweight Champion.

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