Matthew Shields
[[Image:|250pxpx|Image of Matthew Shields]]
Real name Matthew Shields
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Height 6 ft. 2 in.
Weight 245 lbs
Date of birth April 17,1971
Place of birth Ottawa,Ontario,Canada Flag of Canada
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Corporation of Hardcore Wrestling
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Debut 1992
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Matthew Shields is a Hall of Fame Canadian professional wrestler (born April 17 1971), from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He is better known as the Xecutioner. . He is currently signed to the Corporation of Hardcore Wrestling under the ring name Matthew Shields.

Early life

Born in Ottawa,Ontario,Canada, Matthew Shields learned of wrestling by his step-father Bret Hart. His parents were divorced when Matthew was two years old. He lived with his dad for most of his younger life. At age ten Matthew ran away to live with his step father. His mother yet again got divorced after the second marriage which lasted less than three years.

Personal life

At age fourteen Matthew Shields started dating Maria Copper. Then at age eighteen Matthew married Maria. They divorced after ten years of marriage because of Mathew's job. Yet again Matthew & Maria got back together one year later & got married again.

Wrestling Moves

Signature Moves


  • Xecutioner
  • Golden Standard
  • The Canadian Dream
  • The Golden Dream
  • The Man of Five Stars

Championships and accomplishments

Corporation of Hardcore Wrestling :

  • Heavyweight Championship (5x)
  • CHW Championship (3x)
  • CHW Video Gaming Championship (3x)
  • Soda Drinking Championship (2x)
  • Hardcore Championship (1x)
  • World Extreme Tag Team Championship (1x)
  • Grand Slam Champion (1x)
    • Championships : (16x)
  • CHW Hall of Fame Inductee
  • Class of 2006

NWA: Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling :

    • ECCW Canadian Championship (3x)
    • Decade Wrestler of the 1990s
    • Wrestler of the Year (12x) (1992,1995,1997-1998,2000-2005,2007-2008)
    • Finisher of the Year (8x) (1997-1999,2004-2005,2006-2008)
    • CHW MVP (7x) (1992-1993,1999-2000,2006-2008)
    • WARS Battle (7x) (1992-1994,1995,1998-1999, 2001-2002)
    • Accomplishments (36x)
    • Awards (55x)


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