Matthew J. Kennedy (born May 5, 1987) is an British Profesional Wrestler currently working for the NAWA under the name "Prime Time" Matthew Kennedy.


Matthew was born in London, England and is the oldest of five siblings (two men including Matthew and three women), he was a child prodigy in school and was always at the top of his class, he met his current girlfriend Cassandra "Casey" Andrews on her first day of school and they have remained together ever since, not wanting to be cooped up behind a computer however Matthew started training to be a Profesional Wrestler.


He began his wrestling career on the British independent circuit with Casey as his manager, he quicky caught the eye of talent scouts from WWE and NAWA and was offered a positen in both companies. He opted to work for the NAWA not wanting to use steroids to improve his chances at getting a push, unfortuenetely Casey had to stay in England to look after her mother after a car crash left her dad dead and her mom paralized.


Matthew made his NAWA debut in a dark match against Sam Demon one of the NAWA'S resident jobbers, he made his debut on the following Rumble defeating Syco Boy with the "Prime Time Slayer", he defeated Petrina Rochester on Danger Zone and is set to start a program with Scott Rix and the Xtreme Team.

On the most recent Rumble show he wrestled Alex Daniels to a Time Limit Draw and attacked him after the match.

On the most recent Danger Zone he was eliminated from a battle royal for the NAWA Championship, his night was not over however as he cost Syco Boy a match against Jamie Marie Sebek, the only female resident jobber on the roster, he will team with Sebek to take on the Xtreme Team on the next rumble.

Promo Style

Matthew describes his promo style as "The Rock-like with a British twist" meaning he is arrogent and uses typical British slang.


  • Has said numerous times in interviews that his wrestling style was inspired by the late British Bulldog to the point that he uses a Running Powerslam as a homege to the legend.
  • Chose "Rock You Like A Hurricane" as his theme because he loves The Scorpians, he was orrigenally going to use "Rock And Roll All Nite" by KISS as his theme before settling on his current theme.
  • Worked three Dark Matches for WWE, two of them facing Shelton Benjamin the other facing Chavo Guerrero.
  • Is good friends with several WWE workers including MVP, Maria, CM Punk, John Morrisson and The Miz.

Wrestling Info

  • Finishing Move: Prime Time Slayer: Tazmisson.
  • Trademark Move: Prime Time Breaker: Package Piledriver.
  • Themetune: "Rock You Like A Hurricane" By The Scorpians.

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