Early Life

Max Mejia Grew Up In Los Angeles Where He Was The Life Of His School,Loving To Entertain And Make His Classmates Laugh.Max Eventually Was Turned On By Wrestling While Watching On TV As Hulk Hogan Slammed Andre The Giant At A WrestleMania Pay-Per-View When He Was 6 Years Old.Max Began To Training For Wrestling At The Age Of 12 And But Didn't Get His Big Break Until November 2007 Where He Heard About A Try-Out For The Fantasy Wrestling Alliance Taking Place In His Home Town.Max Tried Out And Made It Into The FWA

Fantasy Wrestling Alliance

Max Mejia Burst On To The Scene Of The FWA As A Comedian/Wrestler Mocking His Opponents And Others Who Attempted To Get In His Way.Max Even Made His Own Talk Show Called "MTO Vision" Which Is A Comedic Segment As Max Likes To Switch Up The Set And Come Up With New Ideas So That The Show Does Not Become Stail.On His Debut Of He Called Out His Opponent Andy Koesterman But Did Not Get A Reply.The Following Week Max Debuted "MTO Vison" Where He Predicted What Would Happen To His Opponent In His First Match When He Showed A Small Clip From A Popular "Family Guy" Guy Episode That Shows A Little Babby Named Stewie Brutally Beat His Talking Dog Named Brian.This Clip Was More Than Just An Attempt At Laughter,In His First Match Max Mejia Immitated A Segment From The Clip By Bashing A Glass Cup Full Of Lemonade Over The Head Of His Opponent And Winning The Match

Max And the Divas

Max Doesn't Exactly Have A Way With The Ladies As He Showed On His PPV Debut The Same Night He Defeated His First Opponent,Max Interrupted A Wet T-Shirt Contest Between Several Diva's In The FWA.Max Quickly Annoyed The Diva's With His Sarcastic Attitude And Terrible Pickup Lines And The Diva's Finally Jumped Max And Threw Him Out The Ring.Max Didn't Seem Upset By This As He Addressed The Situation The Following Week Saying That "They Couldn't Keep Thier Hands Off Me".Following That Statement,Max Changed His "MTO Vision" To A Cooking Segment And Compare The Divas Of The FWA To Types Of Food.In This Segment He Made Several Sexual Jokes And Figuatively Insulted The Diva's With The Types Of Food He Was Using To Compare With

Rivalry With Christopher England

What Helped Boost Max's Career The Most Was His Long Rivalry With Christopher"Crises"England.The Rivalry Started With A Triple Threat Match(Including Hi-Jack)But Heated Up With A Joke Max Made During His Cooking Segment When He Compared Christopher England to A Fruit Cake.England Fired Back And Said Max Was Nothing But A Comedian And That He Did Not Belong In The FWA.The Two Met Face-To-Face At A Night Club Where Both Exchanged Slaps Across The Face.The Rivalry Really Got Started When Max Accused England Of Stealing His Win In Thier Triple Threat Match And Challenged Him To A Rematch.Max Continued Using His Comedic Skits To Get In His Opponents Head When He Introduced The Crowd To A Giant Chicken Calling Him Christopher England And Would Later Brutally Assault The Chicken Out Of Frustration.The 2 Faced Off In At The Winter Wasteland Pre-Show Where England Cheated By Hitting Max With A Lowblow And Putting The First Pin Loss On Max Mejia's Record.Max Lost His Mind When The Match Was Over And Could Not Believe He Was Pinned For The First Time In His FWA Career.Max Took This Loss To The Heart As He Felt Like He Was Unstopable In The FWA

Max Threatens To Leave

Max Came Out The Following Week After Losing For The First Time,Not Playing Any Games That Night As He Threatened To Quit If He Loses Even One Match In The New Year.Max's First Oppnent Of 2008 Was Christopher England In A Submition Match Where Max Was Attacked Before The Match Even Started And Eventually Taps Out To A Hold.The General Manager Of FWA Refuses To Let Max Quit And Schedules Him For Another Match The Following Week.Max Has His Giant Chicken Friend Address The Crowd On Max Mejia's Status With The FWA.The Giant Chicken Exsplains That Max Will No Longer Be Apart Of The FWA And that He Has Quit For Good As He Felt His Career Was Going Nowhere.The Crowd Was Confused As To Whether Or Not This Was Only A Storyline.A Video Plays Highlighting The Short Career Of Max Mejia In FWA And Many Feel That We Have Seen The Last Of Max Mejia.

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