This is the team of the brothers Jaime Styles and Damien Styles they are currently in the OUW. They have been a team ever since they entered the wrestling game. They mixture of speed and strength, makes them an excellent combination (If you ask them about it)


They wrestled in the UltraViolent House in their earlier years, capturing 3 Tag Team Championships. After wrestling in various mactches such as: Exploding Cage matches, Barbed Wire streets fights, Tapei Deathmatches, Japanese and Texas Deathmatches. And their own specialty, the UltraViolent Ladder Match.


They have been in one tag match taking on the teams of Robert L. Davis and Jonathon Pane vs Tsuyoshi Heishi and Ben Stevens. They have singles victories and at Revolution they will face the team of RLD and Pane in an Elimination Tag Match for #1 Conterndership for the OUW Tag Team Championship

Tag Finishing Move

  • Finishing Move
  • Final Impact (Double Ace Crusher)
  • Finisher Description

Damein lifts opponent on his shoulder and Jaime springboards off the top rope and catches the person with an Ace Crusher and Damein slams the opponent to the mat.

Tag Trademark Moves

  • Welcome to Baltimore, Bitch!
    • (Damein locks opp. in an standing Indian Deathlock and Jaime leaps off the top rope performing a double foot stomp to the back of the opp.'s head "Double Curb Stomp")
  • No Feeling Left
    • (Damein lifts opp. in a powebomb and Jaime gets behind him and as Damien drop opp. in a powerbomb Jaime hits a Backcracker)
  • Da' Blitz
    • (Damein whips opp. off the ropes and Jaime bounces off a set of ropes and Damien does another and they both hit the opp. with a POUNCE!)
  • Maryland Street Cutter
    • (Dudley Boys' Dudley Death Drop or 3D)
  • Torture Chamber
    • (Damien locks on his T.A.P and Jaime hooks the legs with a sharpshooter)
  • Prepare For an Impact
    • (Damein hits the Fatal Impact and Jaime follows it with The One)

Tag Team Entrance Music

  • Rage Against the Machine "Renegades of Funk"

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