Just one of the many pay-per-views EWA has had over the years, however this PPV is new in 2008.


Mayhem Banner

The theme song for the event was 'Psycho' by Puddle of Mudd.

Cage Match: Matt Hardy def. Big Show

Hardy won after being tossed through the cage by Big Show.

Booker T def. Gene Snitsky

Booker won after a Scissors Kick followed by a Bookend

- After the match Booker was attacked by Stevie Richards and his "henchmen" Ken Doane and Snitsky. - Booker T was assisted by Kofi Kingston and Jeff Hardy.

Submission Match: Bryan Danielson def. Shawn Michaels

Danielson defeated Michaels with the Cattle Mutilation.

Trish Stratus was seen entering Shane's office. She requested a match against a male superstar since there is no women's division. Shane told her that she will be booked.

United States Championship Handicap Match: William Regal (C) & Sheamus def. John Cena

Regal rolled a distracted Cena up for the win, retaining his title.

-After the match Chris Jerhico made his long anticipated return to EWA, seemingly assisting Cena by attacking Regal and Sheamus. He then nailed Cena with the Flashback.

Batista is seen backstage preparing for his tag team match when Andrew Martin walks in. They have a small confrontation, but there is no fighting.

Hulk Hogan & Jimmy Jacobs def. Batista & Kurt Angle

Hogan connected with the Leg Drop of Doom on Batista and Jacobs connected with the Leg Drop of Love. Go Mega Friends was a chant heard a lot after the match.

No Rules Television Title Match: Alex Shelley vs CM Punk- No Contest

After each superstar endured everything they possibly could, the time limit ran out.

Undisputed Title Match: ROH World Champion Steve Corino def. EWA Triple Crown Champion Lance Storm

After a long match, Steve Corino connected with the Old School Lariat to become Undisputed champion.

[1]Official Mayhem Results

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