Mayhem Wrestling Entertainment
Acronym MWE
Industry Professional eWrestling
Headquarters Flag of the United States Los Angeles, California
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Brands Mayhem
Established May 2007
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Founder(s) Tim Fitgerald
Key people D.C - MWE President
Joesph Sharpman - Co-General Manager
Eli Silver - Co-General Manager
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Grand Opening

Created by MWE Hall of Famer Tim Fitzgerald, Mayhem Wrestling Entertainment was first started back on May 16, 2007 kicking off with the first ever Crowning Glory pay-per-view event. Here a single Battle Royal crowned the first World Heavyweight Champion. Due to the success of the PPV the company opened with a weekly program known as Monday Night Mayhem which has been the company's primer television program since our induction.

Fitzgerald would run the company successfully until August 2007, this is when a hostile takeover known as WAR began it's invasion on the company. For the next several weeks MWE superstars including Brian Michaels, Alejandro Rodriquez, and Sonny Williams would compete against WAR Soldiers Ace Cannon, Windy Bridges and Paige among others. However the invasion would only last a few short weeks due to the buyout of MWE by Richard Covell.

Covell stripped all the current champions of their ranks, and ushered in what he believed to be a new era of the company. He forced the release of all WAR employees, however offering all contracts to compete under the MWE banner. His "new era" would be cut short however, as many investors that were the true backbone of MWE's financial status pulled the plug on the promotion leading to the first closure of the company.

Nu-MWE (08-09)

The first rebirth of MWE came in August 2008, investors of the original promotion would come around as MWE begun to shine in Enigmar Wrestling and brought a business proposal to Richard Covell. Both Covell, and former MWE talent were more than excited with the proposal and the first event of this rebirth was fittingly Crowning Glory II keeping in the spirit of tradition the event featured a roster wide Battle Royal for the vacant World Championship, which was won once again by David Whitman. This event was also the birthplace of the MWE Hall of Fame, where three inductees: Tim Fizgerald, David Whitman and Kathrine Tenaud were awarded the honor.

MWE Reborn (2010)


Championships & Accomplishments


Championship Current Champion(s) Date Won Previous Champion(s) Notes
Black StripBlack Strip
MWE Undisputed Champion Vacant --- CSB Title was stripped due to company closure
MWE United States Champion Vacant --- Zak Warner Title was stripped due to company closure
Black StripBlack Strip
MWE X-TV Championship Zack Crash Unknown Jay Riddick The division is currently inactive due to a lack of active roster members
MWE Tag Team Championship Black List Mafia (Supernova & The Virus) Unknown Darius & Boyd The division was closed due to a lack of Tag Teams in MWE
MWE World Heavyweight Championship]] Vacant --- D.C. The title was unified with the MWE Championship at Adrenaline Rush 2009 when D.C. defeated Brian Michaels
MWE Intercontinental Championship]] Vacant --- Sonny Williams The title was unified with the MWE United States Championship after the closure of Genesis

MWE Hall of Fame

Hall of Famer Inducted By
Black StripBlack Strip
Class of 2008
Tim Fitzgerald Brian Michaels
David Whitman Alejandro Rodriquez & Sonny Williams
Kathrine Tenaud D.C.
Black StripBlack Strip
Class of 2009
Brian Michales Mason Resoan
Sonny Williams Sinc Mercier
Alejandro Rodriquez David Whitman
Paige D.C. & Lindsey

MWE Pick 6

The MWE Pick 6 is a unique concept to determine number one contenders. The concept was brought in as a new addition for the reopening on MWE in 2010 and has yet to be properly introduced. We will update you as new Pick 6 information becomes available

Other Accomplishments

Other accomplishments in MWE include Month Awards for "Wrestler of the Month" as well as "Promo of the Month" and "Match of the Month." All of these can be found on the official MWE website. We also have our annual Tim Fitzgerald Awards which include many prestigious awards based on the entire year of MWE competition. More information on these awards will follow soon.

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