Real Name: Jack Ghidorah

Wrestling name/s: Mechajaclan, Onslaught (ECW)

From: Hawaii Weight: 400 Pounds

Height: 7'2

years pro: 8 (debuted in 1998 in ECW)

Accomplishments: Unofficial A-division champion

Finishers: Last Ride

Famous quote: I punish my opponents, I show mercy to few, Mechajaclan.

Feuds: Gregory Helms

Entrance Music: Laid to Rest by Lamb of God

Mechajaclan debuted in ECW under the name Onslaught when he was 16. He had won the ECW world title from Tazz when he was in a betrayal storyline. Mechajaclan then started to overdose on steroids and weight trained a lot. He had then became big, very big, bigger than Andre the Giant. when ECW had gone bankrupt in 2001 Mechajaclan refused to take part in the invasion storyline. For the next 5 years Mechajaclan had weight trained and steroidized himself. When King Soprano had contacted him to join EWCF, Mechajaclan accepted.

The owner and creator of Mechajaclan is called Tao Bromley

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