Melanie Diaz (born September 4, 1981, in Miami, Florida, USA), known to fans as "The All-American Girl" is an American professional wrestling manager and valet best known for managing the tag team The New Wave (Chris Cutlass & Joey Corona) in Online Championship Wrestling and the Elite Wrestling Alliance. She is known for her vibrant, flirty, often ditzy, personality outside the ring, her stunning looks, and for supplying her team with foreign objects from the back of their ringside surf van during matches. She, like Cutlass and Corona, is also a mild kleptomaniac. Diaz is currently inactive on the wrestling circuit, last appearing at OCW's Blackout 2006, where she used her powers of feminine persuasion to convince President Dean to award The New Wave with the OCW World Tag Team Championships. She has since appeared as freelance rumor writer for High Octane Wrestling's "High Octane Rag Sheet" website.

Wrestlers managed


  • Prior to wrestling, Melanie was a model for jet skis, surfboards, and classic cars in Miami.
  • Diaz has a severe crush on Latin pop singer Enrique Iglesias.
  • Diaz, along with Cutlass and Corona, have been quietly arrested numerous times for theft, something the team is actually famous for in their wrestling vignettes.
  • Real Pro Wrestling Commissioner Paul Paras hired Diaz as a Backstage Interviewer for RPW as part of a work release program. It is rumored that a similar situation led to Paras getting Diaz a job on the High Octane Rag Sheet.
  • Diaz's stoner ex-boyfriend, Connor Salvia, has appeared in a few New Wave promos, usually heavily intoxicated, much to the annoyance of all three TNW members.

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