Melissa Anne Newson



  Melissa was born on 24 April 1978 in Manchester, England. The daughter of an extremely successful sports magnate, she spent her younger years helping out her Grandfather with his wrestling firm, attended some of the finest schools in the country and eventually graduated with a BAHons in Business Studies and Economics before disappearing for several years. Upon her return, she found work in NWW as a secretary and personal assistant to Aftershock General Manager Luke Marr, a position that allowed her to get a foot in the door to wrestling management.  
  Thirsting for the spotlight, she met James 'Nemesis' Newson coming into the office one day and the two of them hit it off almost immediately. A few weeks, and numerous dates afterwards, she appeared on Aftershock as Nemesis' new valet. Proving to be ruthless both backstage and in the arena, Melissa never seemed content with her position, constantly seeking to improve herself in several ways. Under James' tutelage, she quickly learned the ins and outs of the squared circle, and more than a few opponents fell prey to blindside attacks from her during matches with Nemesis. 
   When Luke Marr stepped down, the roster was in turmoil. Danny 'MDK' Tenegra took over as General Manager, relinquishing his position as champion. Fearing she might be made redundant, Melissa made backstage moves to get herself a permanent position within the company, borrowing several million pounds of her father's money and buying a healthy amount of shares in NWW. Permanently assigned as Nemesis' manager, and with a seat on the board of directors, Melissa wasn't going anywhere.
   A few months later, Danny quit, citing personal reasons and a desire to compete. Again the future of Aftershock looked to be in jeopardy, but then, suddenly, Melissa was appointed to the position. Much to the chagrin of Nemesis' tag and faction partner, Hells Guardian, Melissa ran the place with a modicum of fairness, allowing plenty of screen time for the newer faces that had appeared around the place. All good things come to an end though, and Melissa was forced to retire after her fiancé, Nemesis, was badly injured in a tag team title defence after his new partner, The Beek, got himself fired after an altercation with another federation, forcing Nemesis to go out on his own. The federation suffered its first closure soon after this event, the interim leadership unable to handle the job.

Career Highlights

1. General Manager of Aftershock.

Manager Moves

Etheria: Leaping Missile Dropkick from top turnbuckle / elevated position.

Ball Buster: Steel Chair assisted Atomic Drop while referee distracted. A variant used on larger wrestlers sees this done while they are lying on their back, the chair placed against their leg and dropped into their crotched end first.

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