Memorial Day Massacre was a future pay-per-view event promoted by the WNWA. The event was held on May 27, 2007 at Braddock County Coliseum in Braddock, TX.


The Pay Per View was announced on a WNWA Update by Judge William J. Jennings on February 26, 2007.

Memorial Day Massacre

Memorial Day Massacre
Promotion WNWA.
Date May 27, 2007
Venue Braddock County Coliseum
City Braddock, TX
Attendance 11,487
Buyrate .96
Pay-per-view chronology
February Free For All Memorial Day Massacre UnCivil War


Ass Butte defeated The Liberal Librarian due to interference from Tony Fanuci.

Lord Shaftsbury (c) def. Sam Bash due to interference from The Earl of Hurtford

Amos Beiler def. Samuel Yoder (c)

Erich Edwards def. Chi-Town Chris Collins (c)

  • Bar Mitzvah Bash

Rabbi Rage def. Professor Ben Andrews.

  • Handicap Elimination Match

The Vagrants and Bell Brothers and Antonio Davis def. Tony Fanuci when Davis pinned Fanuci.

If Fanuci had won he would have gained his freedom from his Frustrated Inc. contract and kept the charred remains of his Strasburg Pizza Restaurant. Since he lost he becomes a permanent, legal slave to the Liberal Librarian and his restaurant is rebuilt and becomes An Inconvenient Café and GLBT Lingerie Bar, property of Frustrated Inc. Non-Profit Corporation. Fanuci and Mama Mia Fanuci will be serving wenches at the property.

fATAS (c) def. Prince Charming after botched interference by Pike

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