Stable Information
Faction Name The Metal Militia
Time Existed September 2002 - May 2003
Members Triple M
Lone Wolf
Jake White

The Metal Militia is a heel stable in the Lock Wrestling Federation. It is led by Triple M, who co-founded the faction with Xecutioner in September 2002. There have been multiple incarnations of the group over the years, with the common thread always being the leadership of Triple M.


Formation of the Militia

The Metal Militia was created on an episode Warzone on September 23, 2002. The previous night at Vengeance, Flame Demon lost a match to CoolJ and showed his respect after the match. Flame Demon's partner, Xecutioner, came to the ring and berated Flame Demon for going soft. He told Flame Demon that he had come to help him, and did so by laying him out, and Metalhead Matt Marauder joined him in beating down Flame Demon together. Along with Xecutioner's manager, Lexus, the trio formed the Metal Militia. The Militia defeated CoolJ and Flame Demon to become the #1 contenders to the LWF Tag Team Championship and subsequently defeated the champions Freak Show Central a week into their existence on Warzone, however they would lose the titles to CoolJ and Flame Demon at Day of Reckoning.

At Outlast, the Metal Militia teamed with Big Pimpin and Nightmare against Freak Show Central, CoolJ, and Flame Demon. Triple M was the final person eliminated when Alan Fernandez pinned him with Human Wreckage.

On December 2, Triple M and Xecutioner joined the Replica as part of his Following. Xecutioner was soon thrown out of the group, and Triple M's time in the Following would motivate him in his later leadership of the Metal Militia.

The Second Militia

In the summer of 2003, Triple M formed a new Metal Militia, this time joined by Flame Demon and Dark Angel. With the addition of the beautiful Black Rose, Triple M declared his Militia complete, and dared anyone to stand in their way, a challenge quickly answered by Phoenix.

Dark Angel and Flame Demon won the Tag Titles, but lost them at Meltdown in a unification match against the UWF Tag Team Champions, the Degenerate World Order. The same night, Black Rose also lost her title when she was defeated and it was unified with the LWF Havok Championship by Ghostdad. The night was not a total loss for the Militia, as Triple M defeated Phoenix in an "I Quit" Match, however even this was in some ways hollow, as Phoenix refused to give in and the referee stopped the match.

At Vengeance, Arelas defeated Triple M and after the match held him at sword point, but Xecutioner returned from a long absence and attacked Arelas, reuniting with Triple M and rejoining the Metal Militia. They quickly defeated the DWO to win the Tag Titles for their second time together, but lost the titles to the Technicians at Day of Reckoning.

At Outlast, the entire four person Militia faced Arelas, BDT, and the Technicians, and Triple M eliminated Arelas last to advance to the main event, which he again won by pinning Alan Fernandez and became the LWF Champion. However, this reign would be cut short when Xecutioner betrayed Triple M and cost him the championship, and the group disbanded.

The Third Militia

Triple M formed a third Militia in the fall of 2004, this time around he was joined by Lone Wolf and Wicked Nick.

LWF Returns

LWF reopened after a lengthy hiatus in December 2007, and with it returned the Metal Miltia, as Triple M returned with Lone Wolf and Dark Angel at his side. Triple M would immediately compete in the World Division while Lone Wolf and Dark Angel competed for the Tag Team Championship, but both efforts fell short at Renewal. Dark Angel began to be phased out of the group and soon after the Massive Melee disappeared completely, meanwhile Triple M and Lone Wolf challenged The Lords of Pain for the Tag Titles at the Melee but were again defeated. The Militia joined forces with Lock and secured the #1 contendership in the World Division by winning Vigilante Month, and Lock helped Triple M defeat Arelas to win the World Title at Maximum Carnage and helped Lone Wolf defeat Colby Colt to win the Havok Title later that week on Lockdown, only for both to turn on Lock later that night.

The Golden Militia

The following week Triple M would reveal his master plan, that he had recruited the reigning Cross-Hemisphere ("All Nite" Jake White) and Tag Team Champions (The Unholy Hierarchy) to join the Militia, uniting all the current champions under a single banner.



  • Metalhead Matt Marauder
    • LWF Tag Team Champion (9.30.02 - 10.20.02, 9.25.03 - 10.19.03)
    • LWF World Champion (11.16.03 - 1.5.04, 2.17.08 - 4.20.08)
    • LWF Imperial Champion (11.18.04 - 12.6.04)

  • Lone Wolf
    • LWF Havok Champion (10.4.04 - 12.12.04, 2.21.08 - 3.23.08)

  • Jake White
    • LWF Cross-Hemisphere Champion (1.20.08 - 5.5.08)
      • White was already the Cross-Hemisphere Champion when he joined the Militia on February 25

  • Diablo
    • LWF Tag Team Champion (2.17.08 - 3.10.08, 4.28.08 - Present)
      • Diablo was already the Tag Team Champion when he joined the Militia on February 25

  • Baal
    • LWF Tag Team Champion (2.17.08 - 3.10.08, 4.28.08 - Present)
      • Baal was already the Tag Team Champion when he joined the Militia on February 25

Former Members

  • Xecutioner
    • LWF Technical Champion (6.23.02 - 11.11.02)
      • Xecutioner was already the Technical Champion when the group was formed on September 23.
    • LWF Tag Team Champion (9.30.02 - 10.20.02, 9.25.03 - 10.19.03)

  • Lexus

  • Dark Angel
    • LWF Tag Team Champion (8.14.03 - 8.24.03)

  • Black Rose
    • UWF Hardcore Champion (8.4.03 - 8.24.03)

  • Wicked Nick

Controlled Titles

  • LWF World Title (11.16.03 - 1.4.04, 2.17.08 - 4.20.08)
  • LWF Cross-Hemisphere Title (2.25.08 - 5.5.08)
  • LWF Imperial Title (11.18.04 - 12.6.04)
  • LWF Havok Title (10.4.04 - 12.12.04, 2.21.08 - 3.23.08)
  • LWF Technical Title (9.23.02 - 11.11.02)
  • LWF Tag Titles (9.30.02 - 10.20.02, 8.14.03 - 8.24.03, 9.25.03 - 10.19.03, 2.25.08 - 3.10.08, 4.28.08 - Present)
  • UWF Hardcore Title (8.4.03 - 8.24.03)

Theme Music

  • "Metal Militia" by Metallica

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