Michael James Foulds (born 9th December 1988) English professional wrestler known for his cheating, power and technical style.

Michael Foulds
Image of Michael Foulds
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Ring Names Fouldsy
King of Bling Bling
Highlight Reel
Rookie Wonder
Michael Foulds
Height 6'0
Weight 260 lbs.
Date of birth December 9th, 1988
Place of birth Durham, England
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Resides Orlando, Florida
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Michael has been a big wrestling fan since 1999 when he used to watch WCW. He then started to watch WWE and went to a live event. He met William Regal at a try-out and he impressed him so much he took him to America. Michael was then seen by Flash Gordon who signed him up for RWF. RWF then shut so Michael went to PRIDE where he was awarded the title during its closure. He then jumped to WWA where he signed for RWR and feuded with Revolution. He won the WWA tag team championships with Punisher and then Klipse. Klipse no showed an event making Michael get a new tag team partner Icewater and ended up losing the titles to Matt Marvel and Moneyman. Michael is now a member of hardcore hoodlums which are feuding with The Dark Horsemen.

Krystal Dumas

In one of Michael's other feds, he met Krystal Dumas who is now his girlfriend and is pregnant with their baby.

Wrestling Career

  • PRIDE January 2007 - March 2007
  • WWA April 2007 - current
  • PWA - April 2007 - current

Wrestling Facts

  • 1st and only PRIDE champion
  • Favorite match type is hardcore.

Finishing Moves

  • Foulds Clash
  • RKO

Signature Moves

  • Power of the Punch
  • Guitar
  • Ankle Lock
  • F-U

Theme Music

  • My Time is Now by John Cena (in PRIDE)
  • Let the Bodies hit the floor (in RWR)
  • Rated Rko by Alter Bridge and Mercy Dive (in WWA)


  • 1x PRIDE Champion
  • 2x WWA Tag Team Champion (w/ Punisher and Klipse)
  • 1x PWA champion


  • World Wrestling Alliance[1]
  • PWA[2]

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