Randi Michael Marx is an American Professional Wrestler, better known by his ring name of Michael Mayhem. He currently performs for Athletic Wrestling Alliance, where he is in a quest to win the Athletic Heavyweight Championship. He is the current holder of the Pentagon of Pain briefcase, earning the nickname "Mr. Pentagon of Pain".

Michael Mayhem
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Height 5 ft 8 in
Weight 220 lbs
Date of birth April 11th, 1986
Place of birth Rockford, IL
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Resides Loves Park, IL
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Debut Summer 2005
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Randi Michael Marx was born on April 11, 1986. As a kid, he was fairly short and skinny. This often led to altercations at school, and he was repeatedly made fun of and pushed around by bullies. He came home from school with bruises, scrapes, and ripped clothing a few times a week. The main problem was a boy named Scott. He was much taller and stronger than Randi was, and he often made it a point to harm Randi in some way every chance he got. Randi wasn’t very athletic at this stage in his life. He did excel in basketball, but his stepfather shot down his dreams of playing in the NBA early, claiming that he was far too short to ever play at a professional level.

One Monday night, Randi was flipping through channels at home, while icing down a swollen eye that he had received that day. As he did, he came upon a professional wrestling program. While he didn’t know who the wrestlers were, he was amazed at the athleticism that they possessed. Instantly, he was hooked.

The next day at school, he told all of the kids what he had seen on television the night before, and how amazing it was to see the wrestlers performing all of the incredible moves. Randi was really excited about telling everyone about it. However, Scott had other plans. He picked Randi up from behind, and flung him into a puddle of mud. Now muddy, cold, and embarrassed, Randi vowed to get Scott back for it.

After that day, Randi began training.

Turning Point

He began eating more, and he put on more weight. He ran on the treadmill for an hour a day, and he lifted weights. Gradually, he increased his workout. Month after month, he increased his weight lifting, treadmill time and speed, and confidence.

Only three short years later, Randi had buffed up. He had some very good definition in his body, with muscles definitely larger than they were. However, Randi wanted to make sure that no one knew of this. Therefore, he wore baggy clothes to fool everyone into believing that he was the same skinny kid that he had always been.

All the while, he kept watching the wrestling programs. It didn’t matter what federation it was. If it was pro wrestling, he was watching it. He learned and learned from it. How to counter this. How to use that to your advantage. How to turn one move into another. Anything and everything he learned, he incorporated with his anticipated confrontation with Scott.

One day, after school, Randi saw Scott and two of his buddies enter an ally next to the school. “Now is my chance,” he thought.

Randi followed them into the ally, and right away, Scott and his buddies began laughing at him. After all, they had no reason to believe that Randi was any different than what he had been. To him, it seemed as though this was just another opportunity to embarrass him again.

Randi immediately dropped his backpack, and leaped after Scott. He was so fast, that Scott had zero time to react. Randi punched Scott in the face, and Scott hit the ground hard. His two friends tried to help, but Randi was just too quick and powerful for them. Randi hoisted one of the kids up in a fireman’s carry, and dropped him with a Samoan Drop. The other kid tried to get Randi while he was down, but Randi kipped up and nailed him with a kick to the side of the head, leveling him. Scott had made it back to his feet by this point, just in time to see Randi kick him in the face with a Super Kick. Randi used a lot of the wrestling moves he knew in this real life fight, and they were working flawlessly.

Finally, both of Scott’s friends were down, and it was only Randi and Scott. Randi pretty much bullied Scott the entire time, not letting him get in any offense. Scott threw punches left and right, but Randi used every trick he knew to escape the hits, and knocked Scott senseless.

Only a few minutes after the fight had started, it was over. Randi walked out of the alley, unscathed. All three boys lay in the alley with beaten bodies, bloody noses, and bruised egos. Ever since then, Randi has had no bully problems.

Afterwards, Randi figured he could really make something out of the situation. He found a wrestling school in his local area, and signed up. He was in that ring constantly, learning everything he could. He was always the first one there, and often the last to leave as well. He even stayed after classes to learn more moves. After only a few months, he had learned how to correctly perform over one hundred and fifty moves, holds, and attacks. He was the top student by a long shot.

Independant Promotions

He was transferred to a very small wrestling organization. He came up with the wrestling name of “Randi The Good Wrestler”, or RTGW for short. He was a face, signing autographs for fans, and giving them all the time in the world. His first match was a battle royal that consisted of all forty members of the roster. He won the match easily, and was immediately given the nickname of “The Mayhem Man.“ He ran through the competition, defeating all light heavyweight wrestlers on his way. In just his ninth match, he won the Light Heavyweight Championship. He held this title for his entire stay in the promotion, defeating every challenger that came his way.

After a few months of dominating the light heavyweight ranks, he challenged for the promotions Platinum Championship. RTGW gave up more than a foot in height, and roughly one hundred and ten pounds in weight. But, his superior speed, combined with his unbelievable power for a man of his size, allowed him to defeat him with one of his favorite moves, Backlash. It was a move he had invented. A version of the STO, this move sees RTGW cross his opponent’s arm across their neck, and perform a harsh lag sweep. This not only hurts them from the impact on their back, but it uses their own arm to crush their windpipe. He got the pinfall, and the Platinum Championship.

He had defeated every wrestler on the roster, except for one. But the World Heavyweight Championship from that promotion wasn’t enough. He was a big fish in a small pond, and winning it there would be meaningless. He wanted to win the championship in a federation that meant something. He wanted his World Heavyweight Championship win to be huge.

He vacated both of his championships, and moved over to 3WA.

Before his first match, he took a look back at himself. What was it that kept him from being his best? Sure, he was undefeated at that point, but he knew something wasn’t right.

He had been spending too much time with the fans. Giving them what they wanted, instead of doing what he needed to do. It took his focus off of the real goal.

No more.

He re-invented himself. Using his middle name of Michael, and his nickname of “The Mayhem Man”, he came up with the name of Michael Mayhem. He no longer cared about the fans. He wouldn’t give them the time of day anymore. Really, what did they do for him?

During this time, he also added the devastating “Mayhem Driver” to his move arsenal. It is a falcon arrow into a kneeling belly to belly piledriver. No one had kicked out of it in practice matches he had used it in. Up until 2007, no one had kicked out of it. After Split Second did, however, he added a cradle to it, adding more force to the move.


He entered 3WA, and immediately defeated the then-3WA World Heavyweight Champion Kyko the Psycho, by DQ. He went on to defeat men such as Fire Dragon, Torch, Guardian Angel, Robert Lunde, and Barbaro Talon, to name a few. He won the 3WA Internet Championship from Guardian Angel in December 2006, only to lose it to Vicious in a tough match three weeks later.

During his Internet Championship reign, Mayhem met up with a girl by the name of Jennifer Perezoso. She had just been brutally cast aside by Connor MacManus, and they clicked right away.

After a few months of going nowhere, Mayhem took Jennifer’s advice and made the move to AWA, defeating Torch in a brutal Last Man Standing match in his final 3WA appearance.


Mayhem made the jump to AWA in February 2007, and he made his presence felt right away. He scored pinfall victories over Jason Manson, Split Second, and even then-AWA Athletic Heavyweight Champion Il Cognito, to name a few. He faced Declan O'Connell in a number oen contenders match at AWA Blood For Gold on April 8, but wound up losing because of interference on the part of Josh Stevens. He went on to defeat Kailus Holmes, a twenty nine time World Champion, as well as gaining revenge on Josh Stevens by defeating him. Mayhem hasn't forgotten about Declan, however, and looks forward to taking him on again. Other wrestlers that he wishes to face are Connor MacManus and Miles Marion. Whether those matches will ever happen remains to be seen.

At AWA Lethal Lottery, Michael Mayhem went into a "Pentagon of Pain" match, where the winner was the first to climb a ladder and retrieve a briefcase. Inside the briefcase was a contract that stated that the holder of it could "cash it in" at their convenience for an AWA Athletic Heavyweight Championship match. In the end, a beaten and bloody Mayhem was able to retrieve it, winning himself a title opportunity. When he will cash it in is anyone's guess.

Wrestling Style

Michael Mayhem is a seasoned master of many wrestling styles. He is a technical wrestler by nature, but can perform high flying, submission, and even power moves with ease. It was a plan of his long ago, before he even started his first match. He knew that to be successful, he had to know how to do it all. He is very strong for a man of only five foot eight and two hundred and twenty pounds. He has been known to fireman’s carry over two times his own body weight. He still focuses his workouts on both strength AND speed, making him arguably the most well rounded professional wrestler today.

Favorite Moves

Finishing Maneuver:

  • Mayhem Driver (Falcon Arrow into Kneeling Belly to Belly Cradle Pile driver)

Submission Finishing Maneuver:

  • All American Hold (Texas Cloverleaf)

Trademark Moves:

  • Backlash (Arm Trap STO. This is usually used as a set-up for the All American Hold, but he has also used it as a finisher on occasion, especially when the opponent is rather large.)
  • Frog Splash
  • Shooting Star Missile Dropkick
  • Mayhem Special (Three low blows, followed by a rollup with the tights hooked. This is used to win matches illegally.)

Favorite Moves:

  • Total Mayhem (Piledriver into Sitout Facebuster)
  • Dragon Suplex/Full Nelson Overhead Suplex
  • Belly To Belly Overhead Suplex
  • German Suplex
  • Double Arm DDT
  • Back Suplex into Wheelbarrow Facebuster
  • Inverted Backbreaker/Stretch Backbreaker
  • Whisper in the Wind Leg Drop
  • Springboard Guillotine Leg Drop
  • Swinging Neckbreaker
  • Flipping Dropkick or Dropsault
  • Inverted Atomic Drop
  • Spinebuster
  • Pinfall attempt while grabbing the ropes for illegal leverage

Championships Held

  • WxW Light Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
  • WxW Platinum Championship (1 time)
  • 3WA Internet Championship (1 time)
  • AWA Pentagon of Pain Briefcase holder (1 time)

Entrance Music

Michael Mayhem has used "One Day Remains" by Alter Bridge as his entrance music since he began in 3WA. There is always a chance that he might chamge it up, but he has decided to keep it for now. Alter Bridge is one of his favorite bands.


  • He is an avid NASCAR fan, and enjoys watching his favorite driver, Mark Martin.
  • His favorite food is grilled chicken breast
  • He drives a 1978 Ford Thunderbird
  • He is partial to the color black
  • He likes music ranging from Green Day, to System of a Down, to Breaking Benjamin
  • Despite them not giving him any support, he cannot wrestle without his mesh elbow coverings.
  • His favorite non-alcoholic beverage is Diet Mountain Dew. He also enjoys Bacardi Silver and Miller Lite.

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